Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Video – Making a Yogurt Fertilizer

Here is another video from My Friend Tony.

This one is titled Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Video – Making a Yogurt Fertilizer and as usual, Tony shows us how to enhance soil for plants for a very cheap price. As Always, Tony uses ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and gets great results.

Sit back, watch, learn and enjoy….

Melissa Ioja Work Out video – Applause (Real Time HIIT Workout)

So here We are in 2014. The first day where most people will be feeling terrible but planning on feeling and looking great this year. Well, when you have recovered from your New Years Eve celebrations, check out and join in with the amazing Melissa Ioja in the YouTube video Below.

Did You Know that People Are Suffering For No Good Reason? Dr Peter Glidden Is Here To Open Your Mind

Tony Pantalleresco You Tube video – Cleanse/Extraction with Salt + Turpentine

Melissa Ioja – The Hot Body Method – We’ll Never Be Royals (real time blackjack workout)

Here again is the lovely Melissa Ioja from ‘The Hot Body Method’ showing us how to work out and get ripped! Melissa trains hard and fast and gets results! Check her out and follow what she does! Be warned this is a HARD work out!

YOUTUBE Video, Tony Pantalleresco (The Remedy) Liposome With Sunflower Lecithin

Here is a new video from Mr Pantalleresco. This is brand new and Tony has been snowed under with questions and comments about it! Controversial as ever. This is so new that I haven’t had time to watch the full length! So here I go taking a risk….. Enjoy

Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Video – Vinegar and Cyclone Cider (Part’s 1 to 3)

Tony Pantalleresco

Here is a video series from Tony Pantalleresco known as ‘The Remedy’ on his radio show, explains and shows us how to
make healing vinegar’s. Tony also shows how to make the base vinegar from scratch. Tony’s remedies are always built from ingredients that are tried and tested but how is comes up with these actual recipe’s I will never know!

Another unique set of video’s for you to enjoy and join in the making of these vinegar’s to improve your health!

To seem Part 2 and Part 3 click below…

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Melissa Ioja YouTube… Buns and Guns Workout

Ok here we go, another grueling workout shown in real time from Melissa. They say “No Pain No Gain”
and I think this workout fits that description!! BUT, Melissa shows you that she can do, and so can you!
Just take a look at Melissa and see the results you can get….. Enjoy…

Tony Pantalleresco – Healing with Turpentine

Hello and welcome to the latest Health Axis Blog. Here is another great video from the Alchemist Tony Pantalleresco
showing us how to use Turpentine to heal!!

Have Tony Finally lost the plot? Of course not! Got get your bottle of turpentine and check out this video that is over 28 minutes long!! All done for free from the ever giving Mr Pantalleresco!

Remember you can check out Tony’s web page at and listen to Tony’s radio show on the Micro Effect 8 to 10pm eastern time. You can also download Tony’s E-Books at


Tony Pantalleresco – Making a Cellular Detox

In this video from Me P, we get shown how to make a cellular Detox. While most detox’s concentrate in ingesting juices and foods, Tony shows us some out-of-box thinking, as usual! and explains how to use essential oils topically to detox the cells…… another video to enjoy. If you would be interested in getting a flash drive Chock-A-Block FULL of information including Tony’s own E-books, videos plus lots more free stuff, then email him or comment on the YouTube Video!

Enjoy the video…