WE ARE BACK! And some good things going on in the news! US Monsanto Wheat Ban Across The World!!

Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C

So i’m back blogging! The last couple of months have been MANIC!!! But now I have two minutes to myself again and will be sharing the best news, views and Radio show notes to help educate and spread the word on Real Heal!

And so for my first Health News story I want to share….something GOOD!

So, I stop blogging and then I come back to find the world seems to be waking up to the disease that is MONSANTO, or as Carl lanore from Super Human Radio likes to call then “Monsatan”

So whats happened? As far as I can see, The US are sending wheat out around the world, as you do, for the purpose of good, or for business, but it seems this wheat is not just wheat. It has been found to be contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically modified wheat!!! Why is this important? Well they have been selling this mutant wheat that seems to be damaging peoples health. Not to mention their other GMO products that have literally killed tens of thousands AT LEAST and maybe hundreds of thousands or maybe millions? not only that but THOUSANDS of farmers in India have committed suicide due to purchasing Monsanto’s grains.

Claiming bigger yields, hardier and more likely to flourish in harsh conditions,and more profit to boot, many farmers thought this was great. That was until the GMO cotton started killing all the Buffalo that was eating it, and started causing massive allergic reactions in people working in the cotton fields! the grains crops failed to deliver their great yields, and then the farmers were unable to gather seeds for the next season (which is what farmers always do) because they had been sold GMO crops that don’t seed!!!! therefore, the farmers had to purchase more seeds the next year. More money they didn’t have because the crops were absolutely rubbish the year before!!! It is hard to believe it all. But its fact. Not that you will have read this in your average tabloid paper. And then there are the law suits in the US where farmers who never bought or wanted the GMO Crops are being sued by Monsanto for having their crops on their land and not paying for the licence… the only thing is, some of these farmers never wanted the grains on their farm! but if a farm down the road was using the crops…cross fertilisation means all farms within a particular circumference will also be getting them!! Any way, that’s whats been going on, but now the world is turning AT LAST on the US and Monsanto.

Read this article from Natural News and for your health and the health of your kids SAY NO TO GMO!!

South Korea joins Japanese ban on U.S. wheat imports after shocking GMO contamination announcement by USDA


NaturalNews) News about the GMO contamination of U.S. wheat crops seems to be spreading faster than the GMOs themselves. On Friday, South Korea joined Japan in announcing a halt on imports of U.S. wheat due to the USDA’s recent announcement that commercial wheat grown in the USA is contaminated with Monsanto’s genetically engineered wheat.

Some Americans may still not realize this, but GMOs are outlawed or shunned nearly everywhere around the world. Only in the USA have GMOs managed to avoid being labeled or outlawed — and that’s primarily due to Monsanto’s financial influence over lawmakers.

Monsanto shares plummeted 4 percent on Friday following the announcement by South Korea. This is completely in line with predictions made here at Natural News, where I said earlier in the week, before Japan and South Korea announced their wheat boycotts:

All wheat produced in the United States will now be heavily scrutinized — and possibly even rejected — by other nations that traditionally import U.S. wheat. This obviously has enormous economic implications for U.S. farmers and agriculture.


How much of the U.S. wheat supply is now contaminated with GMOs?

“…the mysterious appearance of the Monsanto wheat has raised questions about how the strain traveled there and whether it is lurking in the commercial wheat crop,” reports the Washington Post.

WashPo goes on to report that Monsanto, “is still testing strains of gene-altered wheat in Hawaii and North Dakota.”

In truth, nobody knows how much of the wheat is contaminated. Every more shockingly, food companies don’t bother testing wheat for GMOs, either!

Until now, that is. All of a sudden, food importers all around the world are wondering whether they are inadvertently buying U.S. wheat that’s contaminated with GMOs. Consumers, too, are asking the question, “Have I been eating GMO wheat without even knowing it?” These Monsanto wheat experiments, after all, have been taking place since 1998.

Is Monsanto lurking in your Wheaties?

U.S. farmers suddenly seeing the economic damage that Monsanto can do

The real issue in all this, however, is an economic issue. Suddenly U.S. farmers are seeing the kind of economic destruction that can be caused by Monsanto’s genetic engineering experiments.

Thanks to Monsanto and the USDA — which approved the open-field experiments — every U.S. farmer who grows wheat is now at high risk of losing enormous sums of money on a food crop that’s increasingly being rejected around the world. This means Monsanto is pushing U.S. farmers toward bankruptcy while harming America’s exports and GDP. Monsanto has become a force of economic destruction in America.

Will Monsanto reimburse all these farmers who suffer an economic loss? Not without being sued, of course. Perhaps it’s time for a nationwide class-action lawsuit against Monsanto, supported by all commercial farmers who hope to be able to protect their crops from market-crushing GMO contamination.

Nobody wants GMOs except Monsanto!

Consumers don’t want GMOs, farmers don’t want GMOs, foreign nations don’t want GMOs and food companies don’t want to deal with the hassle of GMOs either. The only entity that still wants GMO in America is the very company making money off GMO: Monsanto.