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I hope you had a great 2016. As you can see from lack of posts I had a busy one! But from 2017 and beyond I hope to tidy up and then keep up to date with curent health information.

I kick off 2017 with this video about a new product that can really help people to improve gut health. Dr Zac Bush has discovered an amazing product that can actually protect AND heal the tight junctions in the intestinal tract that is known as ‘leaky guy’ and which is currently a hot topic in ths medical research world due to so many conditions now being linked to leaky gut, other wise known and intestinal permiability. From Autism to Arthritis and many other autoimmune diseases, leave gut is becoming a real problem. Dr Bush stumbled accross this substance, now known as Restore when working with diabetic patients and actively completing research on Cancer.

I will talk more about Dr bush and his discovery later, so for now, watch this short Your Tube viedo and listen to how this product could revolutionise your health. It has helpped me immensley. You can purchase Restore (UK & Europe) by clicking the image below

Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes April 12th 2014

Tony Pantallaresco

Welcome To Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show April 12 2014

In this show Tony covers the following Topics

Death Of Doctors
Diets High in Animal Protein May Help Prevent Functional Decline in Elderly Individuals

FAO reports rise in GM material in non-GM food trade
Flavonol isolated from ethanolic leaf extract of Thuja occidentalis arrests the cell cycle

Autism-Causative Effects of Soy and Gliadin– Study Suggests Link Between Soy Formula and Seizures in Autistic Children— Immune response to dietary proteins, gliadin and cerebellar peptides in children with autism.

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Tony Pantalleresco – Show of the Month April 5 2014

Tony Pantallaresco

Welcome to Tony Pantalleresco – The Remedy Show of the Month April 5 2014

I am playing catch up as I was out of the country for a while and snowed under when I got back. But here you would find the show notes which include the following topics :

CoffeeGrounds&Beans – Coffee Hair Growth Benefits

Effect of caffeine and testosterone on the proliferation of human hair follicles in vitro

Blood poisoning increases the risk of blood clots, new research shows

Blood Poisoning Causes—- Sepsis can be triggered by an infection in any part of the body

Colorado House Passes Forced Vaccination Bill- One of 18 States Pushing Corporate Drugs

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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes : Show of March 22nd 2014

Tony Pantallaresco

Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes : Show of March 22nd 2014

In this show, Tony covers to following topics:

Recent U.S. snowstorms found to contain elements of entomological warfare

Epigenetic changes could explain type 2 diabetes

Top 5 reasons sprouted garlic is good for your health

The Gut Microbiome and Cancer

The photoprotective and antioxidative properties of luteolin are synergistically augmented by tocopherol and ubiquinone

Active extracts of black tea (Camellia Sinensis) induce apoptosis of PC-3 prostate cancer cells via mitochondrial dysfunction

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Health Axis – News Round Up 3rd Jan 2014


Welcom to – Health Axis – News Round Up

So here we are , I have been slacking on producing links for the best health news for a while. But I am back. I have also been looking to improve this blog and 2014 will see some changes, all for the better. Visually i will be making the site better and it will be updated much more regularly. I will also be considering more plans to expand.

For now, here are the links to news I have found interesting in the world of health and wellness… In future i will be posting up the full article on this site, making it a huge, easy to search database of information.

Some amazing story linked here include, Mistletoe extract beats chemo against colon cancer cells in a study from Australia, Turmeric Extract Found Superior To Blockbuster Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells and more!!! Hows that for a New Year treat??? Time to start rallying against mainstream medicine!Money needs to be spent in other areas than drugs for treating disease!

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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes – The Remedy W/E 28th December 2013

Welcome to Health Axis. Here are Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes – The Remedy W/E 21st December 2013

Topics Covered in this show :

Plastic Bottle Structures
Another method to make PaperCrete
FIDOBE-FORMULAS – Fidobe and Padobe
Yurts or Yurtz

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HAPPY NEW YEAR – 1st January 2014

happy new year

So here we are in the first day of 2014! How did that happen? It is an old saying but a true one that as you get old the years seem to fly by faster and faster. This time of year is full of hope and fresh beginnings, lots of plans and hopes and goals. Unfortunately, by the middle of February most people have forgotten the hopes and plans they had this day and are back in the routine of life. For this reason I like to take January to contemplate. Make long term and short term plans and take stock on a monthly basis. This is the only way you will ever keep on track.

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YOUTUBE Video, Tony Pantalleresco (The Remedy) Liposome With Sunflower Lecithin

Here is a new video from Mr Pantalleresco. This is brand new and Tony has been snowed under with questions and comments about it! Controversial as ever. This is so new that I haven’t had time to watch the full length! So here I go taking a risk….. Enjoy

Health News Round Up Week Ending 27th October 2013


So here we are again. lots of new in the world of health and wellness as usual. We have some interesting news, some depressing news, and some Shocking news! We have a couple of items about the radiation leak in Japan… Remember that? It was big mainstream news when it happened but now… you hear nothing. Is that because it has all been moped up and sorted out? Apparently not. And both Natural News and GreenMedInfo have an update for us.

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Fat Loss

Fat Loss

The number one resolution every January is fat loss. Loosing fat is a HUGE industry. Literally we spend BILLIONS of ££££ per year on trying to get rid of excess fat.

In our Diets section I covered briefly my personal views on diet, and the different types of diets that there are. There is a massive range of diets out there to choose from. One reason is because there is more than just one way to loose fat. In this section ill go over some methods I have used and liked.

Here goes the disclaimer again though – Remember to ALWAYS consult with your GP before starting any new diet or exercise routine. Any information on this web site is my own opinion and not specific advice for any one.

There are a million various types of diet out there. It seems every minute some one thinks up another angle to make money from people trying to loose unwanted fat. Normally people sell you some thing. A pill, a potion, a points scoring system!! You must remember that there are absolutely NO silver bullets. There is no magic when it comes to loosing fat.

Although debates still rage on between nutritional experts about the very best way to eat and to loose fat, there are some simple rules that work and you can use but don’t get caught up in marketing hype!

Some simple rules i like to stick to are listed below.

  1. Drop refined, simple sugars – White bread, Pasta, cakes, sweets etc
  2. Add LOTS of green veg
  3. increase your protein
  4. Increase your consumption of good fats – Olive oil, Fish oils (Omega 3’s) some saturated fat – Egg yolk.
  5. Use as many herbs and spices as you can
  6. If you can. split your three big meals per day and split them into two meals each.


Expending more calories that you consume is probably the most basic and understood method for loosing weight but its not the full story. Controlling blood sugar is a must. Refined sugars, spike insulin in the body and this is an easy way to store fat. not only that but if you take on board saturated fats with your refined sugars, you have allot of oxidative stress at a cellular level.

To stop blood sugar from spiking, eat only small amounts of carbs, even the so called good ones like brown rice or brown pasta, and eat them with some form of fat and some protein.

  1. I like to eat along the lines of the zone diet. I don’t like to ‘Diet’ as such. A Diet will only last for a period of time and we really need to change our eating habits rather than ‘Diet’.

To keep thing simple, Eat foods from the following list for three weeks and see what happens to your body.

Eggs, Turkey, Chicken, Lean beef, Lean pork, Fish, Cottage cheese, Broccoli, Cauliflower,Green Beans, Asparagus, Sprouts, Cabbage, Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery, Onion, olive oil, Butter, Coconut oil, Mac nut oil, peanut oil, Fish oils.

If you can stick to eating only those food items (with lots of herbs and spices) After week two you should have one cheat meal of anything you like. After week three you can Begin to add other food items into the diet unless you are still very over weight.

Supplement with a good full spectrum multi vit & min tab and you may also consider taking extra Zink, Selenium, Vitamins A,C,D,E Vitamin B6&12

Try not to fry foods favouring grilling, boiling,broiling oven baking etc. And don’t forget to USE LOTS OF HERBS. Herbs contain many many constituents that help our digestive system, increase circulation and elimination of toxins and metabolic waste etc. You may even find that you get a slight helping hand with thermogenesis.

I will put together and actual step by step guide if requested. Hope this helps a bit! Email me if you have any questions


UPDATE 30/11/2010

OK the above is a quick over view, I will now add a little more information. There can be many reasons why you are fat. Hormonal reasons, bio chemical reasons, physiological reasons, geographical reasons, educational reasons, economic reasons… the excuses, can go on and on.

The fact of the matter is, 99% of the time it is plain and simple – You eat too much of the wrong foods. OR your lazy, or both. A slow thyroid will impair your ability to loose weight, too much estrogen will help you gain fat etc BUT! there are very few people that REALLY eat well, exercise and don’t look like they should.

The name of this site is Live Longer Live Stronger for a reason. Lifting weights, or weight resistant exercise is very good for you. and EVERY ONE should do some form of resistance exercise at least 5 days per week. I’m not talking squatting 600lbs, just something like for older people, squeezing a tennis ball and curling some bags of sugar.

The same goes for any one loosing fat. You wont become muscle bound TRUST ME.

OK, so you must take some exercise, resistance and some cardio should do it. what cardio? run, walk, row, swim, just make sure you raise your heartbeat and get out of breath at least a little. There are scientific ways to measure how many heart beats per minute you should be aiming for, but for now we are talking about keeping it simple! and EVERY ONE can do this. You will have to work out for yourself how much resistance training and walking, running etc that you can start off with, but do something.


Again we want to keep this simple. There are fifty million (a guess) diet books and articles out there that can tell you 1000 different ways to work out how many calories you need and as many if not more ways to loose fat. Some say you HAVE to do this, or HAVE to do that, but in reality there is more than one way to do it, so don’t buy 100% into any idea. What you may find is that one way, say low carb eating may seem to work better for you, if that’s so, great stick with it, but over time you may wish to try various ways of eating to find which way best suits you.

Is a calorie a calorie? that is to say does it matter if you take on board 1000 calories from Carbohydrates compared to 1000 calories from protein. The answer is NO a calorie is not a calorie, and YES it is… Confused? Trying to keep it simple lets look at what a calorie is… it is a measure of heat. a way of determining how much energy is produced when consuming say, 1 gram of protein. or 1 gram of carbs. We all know that 1 gram of protein consists of 4 calories just like 1 gram of carbohydrates. We also know that 1 gram of most fats has 9 calories. In that respect a calorie is a calorie. However, take on board an extra 150 grams of sugar every day for the next six months and compare that with taking on an extra 150 grams of protein, then take a look at the difference in body composition after.

the source of the calories is very important. Carbs , proteins and fats all act differently when inside the body and therefore so do their respective calories. Sugar (simple carbohydrates) cause blood sugar levels to rise, and to rise sharply and aggressively which in turn causes the body, via the pancreas, to release insulin into the blood stream to shuttle that sugar some where safe like within muscle cells or into fat cells!. The problem is also that when you get a high blood sugar spike the body often over compensates and shoots out a mega dose of insulin. This is a perfect fat producing environment, but probably more serious is that this effect over the years causes inflammation on a cellular level and this, modern science is discovering, is the leading cause of most major diseases! not only that but the more this happens, the more de-sensitised you become so your body ends up having to produce more and more insulin to get the same effect as before……. a process that more and more today is leading to type 2 diabetes.

Protein does not cause this blood sugar rise live carbohydrates do, neither does fat. However, too much of anything will cause a large blood sugar and insulin spike. Also, 30 grams of protein from a chicken breast will be different than say, 30 grams of protein from a whey protein shake. (whey protein shakes have been shown to spike insulin levels comparable to carbs)

So what to do? Well as they say there is more than one way to skin a cat. Some experts will still avoid fat like the plague whilst dieting, some people eat only fat and protein. I think the healthiest thing to do is some thing similar to the Zone diet,

As a general rule of thumb, and I mean VERY general, a man should try keep calories per meal to 500 or less (of course this can vary massively, but this is a good number to start with, you can adjust from there) and a woman should try to keep each meals calories to around 400 calories and you should mix protein, good fats, carbs and fibre in each meal. Try to get around 30% of your calories from carbs, 30% from fat and 40% from protein. Now, there are tests you can do to see if you are better suited to consuming (and using for fuel) more proteins or more carbs. You can try this out on other sites, I will be looking into this more myself and if I feel it is valid I will put some information and resources up on here…….

Here are some more little tips that should help you change your body composition and in a healthy, not too restrictive manner Please remember these are very general guidelines and you should adjust as needed according to results.

1) Keep calories to around 500 per meal for men – 400 for women and up to 6 meals for active men per day and 5 meals  for active women. Take one meal off for non active people. Take away another meal if fat is not moving after two weeks..

2) Make sure that at least 30% of the calories of each meal is made up by a good source of protein. Try to make it 40% and no more than 50%

3) Get at least 10% of calories for each meal from a health fat source. Try to make it 20% (15% for women) and no more than 40% (30% for women)

4) Try not to get more than 50% of your calories per meal from carbs. Aim for only 25 to 30%

5)  try to get 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day from vegetables,fruits,  grains, pulses etc. If you suffer from IBS you may need to adjust this.

6)  take  a good probiotic supplement  and try the Charles Poliquin Test  to see if you are producing  enough stomach acid to digest your food.

7) if money allows, add a full spectrum enzyme to your supplement regime.

8) CHEW YOUR FOOD! why the caps? well its such a simple, basic thing that we all should do but most of us really don’t, Digestion begins in the mouth, think of yourself as a walking juicer machine. Your food should be a liquefied sludge by the time it slips down your throat!

9) Make sure your getting all the main anti oxidants – Vit A, C, E, Selenium, Zink etc. your fat cells are like time capsules and contain toxins that your body stored in there some time ago. When your fat cells open and releases it’s stored energy it also outs it toxins. That means a rush of toxins in the blood so you will need a good lot of anti oxidants to do the mopping up.

10) Clean the liver. For the same reason as above, the liver is very important and has many many roles within the body, relating to enzymes, hormones, vitamins etc a sluggish liver can impede your ability to utilize fat for energy optimally, so help it out.

11) Herbal Teas are a great help. We don’t normally use milk or sugar when we drink herbal teas so straight away there is a positive. Also, herbs contain various chemical constituents that have many beneficial effects on the body. This has been seen for literally thousands of years through what we know as herbalism, but also we now have science catching up and we are identifying individual chemicals within the herbs and what their specific effect is on the body. take cayenne pepper and green tea infusion to help cleanse the body and improve blood flow to every cell you have. Use Dandelion and burdock to stimulate the gall bladder to produce bile to help digest fat, to support the liver cells so they can function fully and to cleanse the blood. And much much more.

12) Juicing is a modern day marvel and in my eyes and extension to herbalism. Extracting the juice from plants, fruits and vegetables gives us mega doses of powerful nutrition. Packed with Vitamins, Minerals, LIVE ENZYMES (more about those another time), amino acids, natural sugars (not always a good thing) as well as anti oxidant chemicals, juicing can help your body function better as a whole. Juicing can help cleanse the liver, boost immune system, improve digestion, and all within around 15 minuets of consuming a juice! Most of us are over fed and under nourished so juicing helps to bring back the balance. BE careful not to juice too many fruits or sweet veg as these contain sugar that can effect your blood sugar and insulin levels. Go for dark green veg, with a little carrot, apple, and/or beetroot to sweeten things up and add their own powerful nutrients.

13) Sleep is very important. Your body rests, and recharges while we sleep, it also goes through specific cleaning stages throughout the night. Miss out on this and you are taking a step backwoods. Also, the first few early hours of sleep is when your body releases most of its GH or Growth Hormone. GH is associated with many functions in the body but the best part is that it can help preserve lean muscle tissue and help burn fat