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Below are some useful people and web sites that I have found good solid information from with regards to getting or staying healthy. Below are some of the worlds leading minds in fields such as Fat loss and muscle building diets and weight training, healing with nutrition, herbs, and healthy life choices. I have added a bit about why I like each section. These people are not paying to be here, this is purely a resource page of people i have personally found to be of great help. Check them out and take from them the information to help you. . If you know of a valuable resource that is not on here email me and I’ll check it out. Share the knowledge! Enjoy the Health



  Rob Regish
Nutrition, Body Recomposition, Fat Loss, weight training Supplementation, Nutrition and more

I only found out about Rob fairly recently, where else buy on Super human Radio!!! Carl Lanore runs the best overall health and longevity radio station currently in the world. No exaggeration.  Any way, Rob Regish comes across as a man that has been there, tried it, tested it and made the mistakes and has now reached and helped others to reach extra ordinary physiques and performance for their specific sports or goals. This means Rob now he has the best advice to offer people, scientific + experience. Rob has done allot of research on weight training, nutrition and lots more and has come up with what looks like a fantastic Training/supplement/nutrition protocol which he calls ‘The Blue Print. He is building an army with fanatical followers of his work all gaining amazing results following Robs Blue Print Protocols. I highly recommend Rob, so much so that I have created another page with some info about Rob and some testimonials.  Rob Regish Profile Page  Check Rob and the Blue Print out if you are looking to improve your looks and performacnce!

Tony Pantalleresco.

Expertise: Herbalist, Alchamist, Nutrition, Health Polotics and more

Here he is again. When I was thinking of putting this page together I was thinking about the men you will see below that I have read articles from and listened to, some over years and some more recently, but all with good, solid information that tweaked my interest or taught me something new. It wasn’t until I listened to one of Tony’s older shows recently when I remembered just how much great information he has when it comes to all things nutritional. Tony has done consultations for body-builders over in Canada and deals with people on a daily basis with all kinds of ailments from fat accumulation issues to colds to cancer. He understands nutrition and the human body so well that he always seems to be a few steps ahead of the ‘health industry, which is normally years ahead of the mainstream media…. One thing that impresses me with Tony is that he never gets court up with the hype of any particular product or new super food or super nutrient! He looks at the science and research behind it and makes up his own mind. Ask him about omega 3 oils, and he will tell you right out what he thinks of the modern to praise fish oil supplements for impeccable health!! No BS just straight to the point with facts and no bias.

Take a look at him on youtube by searching for HERBSPLUSBEADSWORK. There are over 40 videos up I believe. You can follow his radio shows on and you can find LOOOOOADS of information oh his site where you can also find his radio show scripts, telephone number for information or consultations, his shops address, and the list goes on.


Dr Peter Rouse

Expertise: Nutrition, physical training, supplements, Drugs (many topics)

Peter is a man that talks the talk and walks the walk. Peter is actively working with people every day with is performance Centre. Peter practices functional medicine and prefers the natural way to drugs for health. Really, Peter likes to use WHAT WORKS, and this as we know is real NUTRITION. Again, I found Peter through Super Human Radio and when you hear him speak it doesn’t take any time to realise that he is an intelligent man that knows what he is talking about. If you check out his blog site you will find a ton of great information on training, supplements, nutrition etc but also other topics are highlighted like the governments plan to take away our right to supplements and even herbs and spices!!!

Anyway check out coach Rouse and you will not be disappointed.


Robb Wolf

Expertise: Biochemist, Nutrition specialising in ancesteral diet for improving MANY diseases.

Robb Wolf is someone I found fairly recently. I had heard him on radio before but recently found his Paleo Solutions Podcast. I have not read Rob’s book yet, I have just ordered it but after listening to hours of information from him I know it’s going to be good. Rob is a bio chemist that has a real understanding of how nutrition works in the body. Not only that but he comes across very grounded, down to earth and speaks in layman’s termsand not in a purely scientific manner, which for allot of people can be hard to follow. The message is simple with Robb, Eat more vege, meat,fruit and some nuts, DON’T eat Grains, Legumes, milk, beans and anything containing gluten = suffer less health problems and therefore essentially live longer, perform better and look better. Behind this simple message is an impressive depth of knowledge and I think anyone will take something positive from reading / listening to Mr Wolf.


Paul Chek

Expertise:Nutrition, life coach, training. Paul has knowledge on many many many subjeects.

Whacky, genius, living legend, nut-case and many more phrases have been used to describe Paul Chek. I have listened to Paul give interviews and i can see why he gets branded so many titles but I can honestly say he is a mound of knowledge. Paul can talk of a ridiculous number of topics with the best in the business. Some know him as the guy that made standing on a Swiss ball whilst squatting weights famous, but Paul’s has so much more to him. I have added more information to his own page so CLICK HERE to find out more and get links to Paul’s web sites.



Dr Mauro Di Pasqual

Expertise: Nutrition and training. Conventional Doctor

Best known for the Metabolic diet Mauro has a whole list of honours under his belt. This is from his site – I hold an honours degree in biological science, majoring in molecular biochemistry and genetics (1968), and a medical degree (1971) – both from the University of Toronto. I am certified as a Medical Review Officer (MRO) by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC), and as a Master of Fitness Sciences (MFS) by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I am also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. All impressive im sure you will agree but what is more impressive to me is the way Mauro comes across on the radio. He gives information straight up and is a little easier to follow thank Dr Connelly.

Mauro with all this behind him and with all he has achieved still comes across as very grounded and will reply to emails personally and will offer extra help if you have questions about his diet or supplements. Well worth checking out his web site and just look around the internet and you will find thousands of people that have had great success on his metabolic diet and anabolic diet.


Dr Scott Connelly

Expertise: Nutrition, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain. conventional Doctor and ex owner/ founder on MetRX

Dr Scott Connelly will probably not need any introduction to gym buffs. The founder of MetRX and the face of Progenex, Scott is a man with many life achievements behind him. A regular on the Heavy Muscle Radio Show with Dave Palumbo and Super Human Radio with Carl Lanore, Dr Connelly is a world leader in applied dairy science. A summa cum laude graduate in neuro-physiology from Boston University, Dr. Connelly has distinguished his career in anaesthesiology, internal medicine, intensive care and cardiovascular medicine.

I could go on and on, needless to say you will find out tons of information from listening to Dr Connelly. From allot of what you might call ‘serious medicine’ Dr connelly has some very interesting science on body composition. Dr Connelly spends most of his time talking with his peer sit seems and some times can be hard to follow when listening to him on the radio, but it is well worth listening to him as all the information he gives is valuable. If your looking to loose fat, prevent or even REVERSE diabetes then take a look at the BodyRX website listen below and listen to some of the archived Heave Muscle Radio shows over on www.rxmuscle.con . In Dr Connelly’s words “a calorie is not a calorie” Dr Connelly has books out and a new radio pod cast called bodyRX which is a must listen show. Find all the information you need on Dr Scott Connelly’s website I advise you to check it out…. It could save your life!!!


Will Brink – Welcome to the Brink Zone

Expertise: Nutrition and Training

Will Brink is someone I have seen articles about over the years and enjoyed reading but I have never actually followed him or researched him. Recently I found his site And I signed up to his news letter. Will has an impressive back ground, having written for most of the top body building and fitness magazines as well as being one of the first people to bring some of the most commonly used sports supplements today to the masses, such as creatine.

On his web site Will has lots of video clips where its just him talking about the science and facts of many supplements. Here is a clip I like, a simple thing that most weekend warriors ignore about creatine I like the fact that Will sits in front of the camera, all very informal and there for the world to see. I think it makes him seem more trustworthy! Any way, lots of video clips and information there so check him out and learn some stuff!


Mike Mahler

Expertise:Kettle Bell Training, Nutrition, Vegan Nutrition

Mike is another man I have read articles from etc and enjoyed but never followed up. Mike too has written for many popular bodybuilding and fitness magazines. It was Recently that I have heard him on Super Human Radio and found him to be more than just another so called guru talking about how many grams of protein you need to build muscle! . Mike has some good functional training and diet philosophies and doesn’t just talk about hard core weight training and building muscle. Mike uses natural products such as herbs and spices and amino acid to help detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and he talks about health and longevity too. I like this about mike and that is why he is here. I will be doing some more research on mike as I have not read all of his training articles but i look forward to doing so in my time off over Christmas. Check him out here –


I found out about the Life Extension Group on Carl Lanore’s Super human Radio. They really know their science and their forum is a great place to go to communicate with some great minds. Rather than me try to explain what they are about, here is the first bit of their info from their page.

“The Life Extension Foundation is a nonprofit organization, whose long-range goal is the extension of the healthy human lifespan. In seeking to control aging, our objective is to develop methods to enable us to live in vigor, health and wellness for an unlimited period of time. The Life Extension Foundation was officially incorporated in 1980, but its founder has been involved in anti aging research since the 1960s.

The Life Extension Foundation is the largest organization dedicated to investigating every method of extending the healthy human life span. When seeking methods to slow aging, The Foundation often uncovers potential anti-aging supplements to treat conditions associated with aging”

I will say that looking at their site it is easy to think they are just another company looking for an angle to sell supplements. I believe there is more to them than that. The research they have done is at the forefront on the longevity science that is about right now and a side effect of their quest has lead to discoveries of various better modes of testing for certain diseases and natural ways to fight against chronic disease with an emphasis on nutrition and plant based supplements.

If you join up for their magazine you get a few months free PLUS you get access to their doctors via the phone or email AND you get to sit in on free webinars. I have not joined myself (cash is tight) but I will very soon. I am in the UK but I will still phone them if I need advise.

Check it out and give me your feed back.

The Natural Nurse Ellen Kamhi

Expertise: Nuturopathic medicine, and intergrated knowledge of modern nursing

Ellen is another person I was introduced to via Super Human Radio. I was trying to get in contact with Jay Kordich to be on a show dedicated to the late great Jack lalanne but That didn’t happen. When I listened to the show I have never heard of Ellen before. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how well informed, and full of life she is. Some juicing people are very energetic but don’t really explain the science or bio chemmistry behind what’s going on when we juice fruits and vegetables, but Ellen is loaded with information. I have one of her books now (Arthritis: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide) to and it is a great read, easy to understand and you get educated whilst you read.

Ellen isn’t just a juice person she has lots of qualifications under her belt but more importantly that she has actively worked with many many patients and See’s results first hand. Check Ellen outat her website