How To make an Herbal Extract : By Tony Pantalleresco

Here Tony’s shows how to make a herbal extract that takes minutes rather than days or weeks!
Tinctures have been used for hundreds of years and the traditional method is tried and tested but can take from 14 days to 6 weeks! In the clip below Tony makes something comparable in TEN MINUTES!! Enjoy…..


 When many people think of Herbalism, Herbalist and Herbal remedies they roll their eyes and think of ‘old wives tales’ and often think it’s old hat. A comment you hear quite often is that herbalism was used before we created real medicine. In the past I have had the same opinion but then I educated myself.
People with scoff at herbalism but then reach for the Echinasea or Goldenseal when they start to feel a cold coming on, or even reach for the garlic chilli chicken curry to help “sweat it out”. Aloe Vera is known by most people and used by many and who hasn’t reached for some vitamin C and Zink when a cold comes on? What about Vicks chest rub or Olbus Oil?
Science and ancient wisdom is now much more understood and scientist are able to explain why particular herbs and remedies work by isolating particular constituents within the herb and measuring their effect . Herbalism and science are now combining to bring about some amazing therapies for a wide variety of disease and although it has never really gone away, herbalism and natural medicine is back on the Up-swing as people are getting educated and wise to the fact that drugs are not the answer out side of an acute, emergency situation.

Herbal remedies are sold around the world with and millions of pounds per year are spent on them. Herbs form the original organic basis for most synthetic drugs in use in modern medicine and we have records of ancient civilisations using herbs as medicine going back 5000 years, in fact anthropological data shows that we may have been using herbs since we were running around in our birthday suits living in caves. How many civilisations have there been since then? Yet in todays so called civilised society we turn out nose up in ignorance. Time and time again we do this and time and time again man kind finds itself in trouble. One day we may learn and concede that Mother Nature knows Best.

Most of us are users of herbal’s, be it extracts or whole herbal’s. We have a tendency in todays world to try to standardize everything! Standardisation of herbs and drugs are the norm in society where me are trying to treat so many people for so many different diseases. When we standardise something we are pursuing a specific, measurable reaction for a specified dose. We we have ended up with are drugs with so many harsh side effects it is not funny. The reason for this is because we humans are not cars or computers or robots all built in the same way from the same material in the same environment. It is true that we all share many common traits but it is also true that we share just as many differences.
Don’t listen to me though, check out the sections on this page and decide for yourself. 

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