Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes : 8th of June 2013

NOTE : Now, I have been uploading a back log of Tony’s show notes. Many of the imges may not show on this site. So you can go to to read the original show notes from Tony there.

I am looking at getting some help with formating this blog so it looks better and now I am up to date with the show notes I will be able to take more time posting them.

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The Remedy Radio Show Notes with Tony Pantalleresco – To Air 24/02/2012

Another great show expected this week with Tony.  Topics Covered are below:

  • Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning inFrance
  • Free speech become too expensive!
  • Systematic review- the diagnosis and staging of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
  • EFSA sets recommended EU protein intakes at 0.8g/kg per dayHome Made Protein Shakes Continue reading

Show Note for Show Coming Up On Friday February 17 – 2012

Below are the show notes for Tony’s show this coming Friday.

Tony Pantalleresco

This should be a good show. We can’t bang the drum too much about Cholesterol and what a complete farse they are. As a 10 billion Dollar per year industry, statins are hard to stop and therefore the myths and pure lies about Cholesterol and mortality rates will continue for years to come no doubt. Listen to Tony and get yoruself and yoru family educated! Don’t be another statistic!

Hip fracture risk rises with acid reflux drug use

Cholesterol and mortality – specific studies

Coffee Consumption Reduces Fibrosis Risk in Those With Fatty Liver Disease

How To Make A PVC Crisis Bow

Antibacterial activity of essential oils from Eucalyptus and of selected components against multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens

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