Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show notes – Month August 2014

Tony Pantallaresco

Welcom to Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show notes – Month August 2014

As we have fallen behind with the show notes and this blog in general, we are posting tony Pantallerescos show notes by the month! There is allot of very good information here so take your time and enjoy….

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London – Selfridges Lead The Way In Health Freedom Fightback – Raw Milk Sold In Store

  Only in America in the middle of a financial crisis could the government agencies consider an investigation into raw milk a good idea. I mean lets forget the fact that  raw milk  (from organic raised, grass-fed animals) is a health boosting food which has been used for hundreds of years to not only nourish  but also to help cure (can we use this word still these days? ) certain conditions, and the fact that raw milk and your average store-bought milk are almost completely different thing, no, forget all that, the simple fact that a government could  allow people to smoke, drink alcohol and then spend millions investigating and then raiding –  WITH A SWAT TEAM – a  farmer for selling  UNCOOKED MILK to people who joined a private club to do so (shows you how highly some people hold raw milk) shows you that something either very stupid or very wrong is happening in the US!  If you have not heard read this link HERE

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