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Physical Culture


Physical culture covers more than just weight lifting. Physical Culture encompasses a way of living. A term long lost, it has never been more needed. Back in the  the beginning of the 20th Century physical culture was led by people such as Arthur Saxon, Edgar Mueller and Eugene Sandow who were doing strong man shows.

       During the 20th century physical culture way of life which holistically incorporated good whole-food nutrition along with physical exercise became watered down and segregated into various, more specialized, disciplines such as bodybuilding, weight lifting and power lifting and so physical culture for the best part was lost. Fast forward to 21st century and in 2012 physical culture is on the upsurge at a time when it is most definitely needed. The internets ability to instantly share information with millions of people has reignited the physical culture flame. A book such as Randy Roach’s ‘Muscle Smoke & Mirrors’ is a fantastic, in depth writing of the history of physical culture. Rand now has part two out and is working on part three. If you want an insightful read into where it all began Randy’s books area MUST READ! 

       Below I will be building a database of articles and information about physical culture. I hope to add some history as well as up to date training tips and tricks for people of all ages. You don’t have to be a fanatic about physical culture; you just want to have the desire to live well, feel good and be healthy!  Incorporate whole foods, daily movement and some form of resistance exercise in your daily / weekly regimen and you will not only look good naked but you will turn back the clock! Remember, Live Longer Live Stronger!


   The Fundamentals, of Successful Weight Training  
    By rob Regish  

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The first idea of a name for this site was to be called something like Modern Physical Culture. Some people might be confused by the term physical culture as it is not often used these days but once-upon-a-time physical culture represented health, strength and longevity. In the 1800’s and early 1900’s people would lift weights, eat whole foods, move around lots every day and they stayed lean, strong and robust well into their 80’s and even 90’s. Staying strong is paramount to good health especially as we age. The lack of exercise and movement in general amongst today’s society along with food that no longer resembles food, and a million man made chemicals in everything we eat drink or breathe, means that the baby boomers from the 1950’s and 60’s are now feeling the pace of life. Modern diseases is escalating beyond control and the health sector looks like it is about to collapse, we have the new generations being born in the US right now supposedly  to be the first generation not expected to out live their own parents, so it’s time to go back to basics.

Choose not to end up as a drug laced vegetable dependant on your family and society to look after you as you dribble your way through the last decade or two of your life on this earth. Remember simply eating real foods and participating in some kind of weight baring exercise is essential to living a full existence and avoiding disease, especially the kinds of diseases that are associated with old age. Many diseases seen as ‘the norm’ or common when we age are not actually ‘normal’ to getting old when you look at the very few tribal people and traditional living societies still around today.

Join the Physical Culture revolution today and live as long as you can as well as you can and enjoy every second you have on this planet