WE ARE BACK …… Yes, Again!!!!


Soooooooooooo I have been away for a bit. A trip to the south of France, and Trip to Madeira, being out of the house at the day job for over 12 hours a day and having to re vamp and send out order for the Supplement shop www.yourhealthsupplements.co.uk and the moving of my old site www.livelongerlivestronger.co.uk that was hit by a virus some months ago, to a new server, has left me unable to post.

I am back now though and once again will be trying to get back to regular multiple posts a week routine……

So whats been going on?

I have been listening to and reading up on Dr Joel Wallach. He is an amazing man on an amazing mission. I will do a dedicated blog about Dr Wallach but lets just say he is a man that was scorn by the medical industry many decades ago and has been on a health truth mission for all that time! Dr Wallach’s books are very informative and i’ve been loving his books and will share lots of info in the near future.

So lets take a look at some recent health news…..

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