Tony Pantalleresco Video – Your Daily Controversial Dose

Tony Pantalleresco

Here is another video at long last from Mr Tony Pantalleresco on his YouTube channel. This video is called Your ” Your Daily Controversial Dose” So What is Tony Talking about? click below and find out. The Nutty professor, Alchemist is here again. Enjoy.

Find Tony here :
Or search HerbsPlusBeadWorks on YouTube

Tony Pantalleresco YouTube – Cleanse/Extraction with Salt + Turpentine

Welcome to another video from Tony Pantalleresco, The herbalist, Alchamist Nutty professor that thinks out side of the box like no one else i know!

Here Tony shows you how to Cleanse/Extract with Salt and Turpentine!! Never heard of anything like this before? Well, you obviously haven’t sen Tony.


Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Video – Making a Yogurt Fertilizer

Here is another video from My Friend Tony.

This one is titled Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Video – Making a Yogurt Fertilizer and as usual, Tony shows us how to enhance soil for plants for a very cheap price. As Always, Tony uses ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and gets great results.

Sit back, watch, learn and enjoy….

Tony Pantalleresco – Healing with Turpentine

Hello and welcome to the latest Health Axis Blog. Here is another great video from the Alchemist Tony Pantalleresco
showing us how to use Turpentine to heal!!

Have Tony Finally lost the plot? Of course not! Got get your bottle of turpentine and check out this video that is over 28 minutes long!! All done for free from the ever giving Mr Pantalleresco!

Remember you can check out Tony’s web page at and listen to Tony’s radio show on the Micro Effect 8 to 10pm eastern time. You can also download Tony’s E-Books at


Tony Pantalleresco on YouTube

Hello and welcome to the blog. Here I am sharing one of Tony’s YouTube videos that are getting crazy hits and lots of great feed back at the moment.

In this video Tony shows you how to make your home made ice cream which tastes great and it not only good for you but it is actually a powerful SUPERFOOD!!

Ok , enjoy and don’t forget to check tony’s website