Rachel Parent schools TV host on GMO labeling, human rights


Here is a link that shows the video of 14 year old Rachel Parent

Take note how the host tell’s Rachel Parent that this is an on going scientific experiment!!! He seems to think this is OK and that we should be quite happy to let the likes of Monsanto sell poison to us freely. The man is a complete idiot or he is taking money from companies like Monsanto. If O’Leary wants to be in such an experiment then lets see him feed his kids GMO Soy and corn!!!!

Any way, watch the video, share and spread the word.


WE ARE BACK! And some good things going on in the news! US Monsanto Wheat Ban Across The World!!

Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C

So i’m back blogging! The last couple of months have been MANIC!!! But now I have two minutes to myself again and will be sharing the best news, views and Radio show notes to help educate and spread the word on Real Heal!

And so for my first Health News story I want to share….something GOOD!

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Leaked reports reveal US government pushing hard for GMOs in Africa

Leaked reports reveal US government pushing hard for GMOs in Africa


(NaturalNews) Information obtained from several WikiLeaks reports exposes a potential U.S. government plot to thrust genetically-modified organisms (GMO) on the continent of Africa. According to verbiage found in the leaked messages, it appears that the recent creation by the Pentagon of AFRICOM, a U.S. military command post headquartered in Africa, was at least in part done for the purpose of securing access to the continent’s natural resources, as well as establishing a GMO foothold there.

According to a summary of the reports written by Richard Brenneman, former associate editor of the magazine Psychology Today and a longtime journalist, AFRICOM is the brainchild of a retired four-star Air Force general who is now a paid lobbyist for the agrofuels industry. This fact alone suggests that the efforts of the new military post will play at least some role in serving such interests, including those of the biotechnology industry that clearly benefits from the expanded

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030683_GMOs_Africa.html#ixzz17i0z2LP1

One report sent by Tom Cunningham, the head of operations at the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) on April 9, 2009, explains that the agency desperately needed as much information as possible about any individuals connected with the African Great Lakes in order to formulate “Mission Strategic Plans (MSPs).” These plans includes tackling “Mineral Resources”, as well as “Food Security and Agriculture (FOOD).”

Specifically under “Food Security and Agriculture”, the report explains that African officials must be persuaded to accept and propagate GMOs throughout Africa. It also mentions verifying the status of “structural adjustments” and “infrastructure improvements” that needed to take place in order to accommodate the introduction of GMOs.

The other reports go on to explain various other political efforts that relate to GMOs and agrofuels, but the main thrust seems to indicate a clear agenda by certain government agencies to take whatever steps necessary to expand GMO use both in Africa and around the world

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030683_GMOs_Africa.html#ixzz17i1Xwerb