When many people think of Herbalism, Herbalist and Herbal remedies they roll their eyes and think of ‘old wives tales’ and often think it’s old hat. A comment you hear quite often is that herbalism was used before we created real medicine. In the past I have had the same opinion but then I educated myself.
People with scoff at herbalism but then reach for the Echinasea or Goldenseal when they start to feel a cold coming on, or even reach for the garlic chilli chicken curry to help “sweat it out”. Aloe Vera is known by most people and used by many and who hasn’t reached for some vitamin C and Zink when a cold comes on? What about Vicks chest rub or Olbus Oil?
Science and ancient wisdom is now much more understood and scientist are able to explain why particular herbs and remedies work by isolating particular constituents within the herb and measuring their effect . Herbalism and science are now combining to bring about some amazing therapies for a wide variety of disease and although it has never really gone away, herbalism and natural medicine is back on the Up-swing as people are getting educated and wise to the fact that drugs are not the answer out side of an acute, emergency situation.

Herbal remedies are sold around the world with and millions of pounds per year are spent on them. Herbs form the original organic basis for most synthetic drugs in use in modern medicine and we have records of ancient civilisations using herbs as medicine going back 5000 years, in fact anthropological data shows that we may have been using herbs since we were running around in our birthday suits living in caves. How many civilisations have there been since then? Yet in todays so called civilised society we turn out nose up in ignorance. Time and time again we do this and time and time again man kind finds itself in trouble. One day we may learn and concede that Mother Nature knows Best.

Most of us are users of herbal’s, be it extracts or whole herbal’s. We have a tendency in todays world to try to standardize everything! Standardisation of herbs and drugs are the norm in society where me are trying to treat so many people for so many different diseases. When we standardise something we are pursuing a specific, measurable reaction for a specified dose. We we have ended up with are drugs with so many harsh side effects it is not funny. The reason for this is because we humans are not cars or computers or robots all built in the same way from the same material in the same environment. It is true that we all share many common traits but it is also true that we share just as many differences.
Don’t listen to me though, check out the sections on this page and decide for yourself. 

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Tony Pantalleresco



Tony Pantalleresco



Tony Pantallresco  “Just A Guy That knows Some Stuff”


It was about two years ago whilst looking for information on natural ways to fight and beat cancer that I came across Tony Pantalleresco on YouTube. I had been scouring the web and becoming increasingly frustrated with all the scam web sites out there, promising miracle cures for cash. I then heard a radio show hosted by Carl Lanore on Super Human Radio about a man using a ginger extract to fight and rid his body of a cancerous tumour.   My hopes were revitalised so I did some more searching about and found Tony Pantalleresco on youtube under the name Herbsplusandbeadswork. I spoke to Tony for many hours on MSN, and I watched all of his YouTube videos. Tony gave me so much information, and good advice (all free) that opened my eyes to so many things that I was hooked. I listened to his shows on The Micro effect. and I loved them. One thing that stands out for me is that Tony has no agenda. He is not tied to any particular company or organization, he does not push any particular brands of supplements. Tony is continuously researching for the truth, that’s it, with no bias.

 Anyone that gives out free information,  has no particular  ‘angle’  or sales pitch,  and works 18 hours a day  looking for what work is OK in my books. Tony has been in  and around the supplement  industry for  many  years and has seen all the usual fads and scams come and go and then come around again.  Tony spends hours researching and experimenting with herbs, spices, foods, supplements, and much more, you can find the results of all his alchemy on his website and youtube videos which you can find links for at the bottom of this page. I could not get Tony to write some information about himself  such is his nature, so below is an interview I had with Tony online. 

  Enjoy it and check out  his website, youtube and I would also suggest having a consultation with him for any on going health problems you may have that the Doctors have failed at curing for you (do Doctors cure anything these days or just hide symptoms??)  I paid a very very reasonable donation (VERY reasonable especially when you compare to any naturopath or even herbalist) and I spoke with Tony for a long time via msn (I’m in the UK and he is in Canada) and then he answered months of questions at no extra cost. (I can’t say for a fact that he will have time to do this for every one but you definitely get help far and beyond what you may expect.)

   If it sounds like I’m pushing Tony and his services, I am. And I’m only doing it because I think you will not be disappointed. Network, share the information and be healthy!

 I would like to do an  Interview with Tony Pantalleresco over the phone or over the internet  to have more interaction and dig a little deeper for some of his answers because as you will read he has some radical views and may upset some people, namely governments, doctors, supplement companies and drug companies! So while Tony goes into hiding, please read on from here and enjoy.

LLLS: Tell us a bit about yourself, what is your background?   When and how did you get into the ‘alternative health’ industry? How you are involved now? How did you get into radio and doing youtube videos?

Tony: My background is I am a North American  with a Mediterranean background born in Michigan and reside in Ontario–Have  Duality with 2 countries—parents were born in Malta a british commonwealth country at the time so that entitles me to as well  to a UK membership if I ever were to choose—got into health when I was 18 –at that time there was a huge controversy due to ignorance on steroid `dangers–and at the time I was athletic and playing sports and trained—so I began searching and studying all I could on foods and how they work and herbs and the super foods of the day –bee pollen–spirulina–protein powders ( which at that time needed a cement mixer to mix and dynamite to swallow) to have a naturally strong body without steroids—today I would have used exoboline and anavar at that time if I knew then what I know now-Knowing on how they assist in the assimilating of proteins for strength and muscle—but during those day there was hardly anything in the health stores—today I would say 80-90% of it is all smoke screen and mirrors—especially in the body building end of it—so then there was the studying of different cultures and the herbs and then the experimentation with different formulas—and eventually came up with my own remedies and what I seen was a good mix and seen good results–it showed in my performance in the street hockey and football games I used to play.



LLLS:  Who was inspirational to you when you started out and who do you recommend people listen to other than yourself today?

Tony:  Who was inspirational? I would say seeing the athletes of the day and seeing the real power these guys had with out all the gimmickry like today —was what inspired me to train and get more into health
LLLS:  I have read allot about how we are historically meat eaters and do better without any starchy carbs and sugars, but I have also read books from so called experts that say when we were cavemen, we used to pick lots of fruit and berries and ate little meat and not very often.  It is theorised that we lost the enzyme in our livers long ago  which gave us the ability to produce Vitamin C as a stress response like most other mammals, because of the vit c containing fruit that we ate in abundance. what is your opinions on this?
Tony: Again all Bunk and theory–it amazes me how these studies come about—and it’s usually to sell an angle on a eating life style so some ass can sell a bogus line or lines of leftover industry product to the unsuspecting public—again with the vitamin C some say It was God’s way of saying no more living forever so we lost the ability—again bunk—some say what you implied  again this is to sell a life style so someone in those echelons can make money and keep people ignorant–the real truth of the matter is that we all came from differing origins –and as a result we all developed a genetic disposition to what ever foods were or are consumed to this day —now if you are lacking enzymes in the system or if you can process specific foods with no issue —that might imply genetics—or it might imply a Robust digestive system or a weak one—we are omnivores and by design we can consume either foods so it all depends allot on environment and life style and digestive system efficiency or deficiency
LLLS: So what are your views on the diet that we should be eating? Are you a /caveman/atkins love carb believer? Or a lots of fruit and veg guy? Or a zone dieter? And what are your opinions on the current food pyramid that the governments have us believe is a health way to eat?
Tony:  Food pyramids designed by Gov’ts are designed to make people ill and cause disease–any system that would put sugar ( carb) at the top of the food chain is asking for nothing but trouble—the best diet to use—is the one that works for you—again all these systems that are out there are again based on marketing and sales not fact–maybe nutraceutical marketing science—but the reality is if you live somewhere where it is cold you are going to eat more meat and fat to maintain health and strength—if you live where it is hot again you will eat based on that environment so your foods will have a tendency to be light and with allot of water so a fruit or vege type diet with little animal protein would be the way—where you work and how you work will also determine the regimen of food and what you will eat to maintain health—so again it is relative to who is doing what and where—now the one consensus anyone with any slat to them would say is that junk foods and candy coated pasteurized foods are not something anyone should eat—soy is something again in my estimation no one should eat–canola and other foods from GMO farms again no one should eat—based on all the real science going on globally—no one should eat these foods–buying protein bars loaded with soy is the biggest waste of time and the most efficient way to cause ill health to your immune system and organs–so again any foods such as this should not be fed to kids whatsoever —
LLLS: Where do you stand on the controversial subjects such as GMO foods? Are the good and here to save us all from starving? Or the next biggest cause of premature death and diseases such as cancer, heart disease ?
Tony: GMO–GE=== *&^% in a box–answer the question adequately I think
LLLS:  We have spoken before about people that come to you at your shop suffering with cancer, and you have seen them months later completely cancer free. Many people will think this is can’t be true, such is the main stream thinking on cancer. can you tell us a bit about this and methods you use to help these people?
Tony: The method is simple –stop the poison from going in the gullet and mouth—use things that clean the mutated cells—and know it is nothing more then any other infirmary that the body can have and beat nothing complicated —we give out 3 things that are herbal and supplement  in nature and give a protocol of things that can be done and things to stop doing–Main stream would have you believe that this dis—ease is the epitomy of death and it is not true at all—they would have you believe that you go into remission and never clear cancer –all BS—that would mean that if you caught a cold and got over it you went into remission because the following year you may get it again—All BS—you can get over cancer and be C-U-R-E-D or H-E-A-L-E-D but that does not mean you cannot get it again or again –met people who beat cancer –got it again years later–beat it again and got it again several years later—did it go into remission ? NO it meant he had been re-infected or re contaminated with whatever caused the cancer in the first place—no different if you eat a huge bunch of sugar and the next day are sniffling and having a runny nose—you get over it and then repeat the behaviour on the sugar and again the same symptom reoccurs—again the biggest deceit of the century –if you put stuff in you that increases fungal -bacterial-viral-chemical-metal–and over whelm the immune system —you will have all the recipe to get cancer–no different the if I put my hand on a stove when it is on high heat I will get burned. 
LLLS: Although there are almost always multiple reasons for people getting sick in today’s world,in your opinion what are the top Five leading causes of sickness and disease?
Tony: 1) Doctors -they who infect people with needles ( direct correlation of vaccinations and cancer ) prescribing addictive drugs to suppress symptoms instead of seeing the cause and actually freeing someone from bondage of disease–in my opinion all are testosterone deficient people who do not oppose the religion of medicine for fear of losing a piece of paper called a license
2)Corporate Farming-force feeding animals and infecting them with high steroids and antibiotics and feeding them grains instead of grasses or loading them with soy and the derivative of soy MSG in the feed to further addict an unsuspecting public to fertilize grasses with ebola and other negative bacterial culture and the using GMO and roundups that cause more poison in the farms and indirectly causing the vegetarians to get their daily dose of “organic wasteand now nano particles
3 )Industrial and Manufacturing Pollutants–un regulated dumping in land and water and air and we are exposed to an overload of these contaminants from xenoestrogens to toxic waste and now Chemtrails 
4) Gov’t –don’t know about you but they make me ill all the time- the regulations and the laws to stop people to have access to health of choice and to stop people from growing gardens and being really free to heal themselves
5)Television–always selling poison and telling us where to buy what t buy and sell us more crap and junk that clutter our lives and cause internal clutter as well–selling toxic chemicals for Hygien products–toxic soaps that break us down while we sweat-processed foods laden with soy and other GE and GMO monstrosities

LLLS: I know that you use nutrition and herbs/spices to help bring people back to health, do you prefer the ancient methods or philosophy of herbalism or the more modern scientific approach which is often referred to as Botanical medicine or Phyto therapy?
Tony: I use whatever Works–ancient stuff mostly or anything pre 1980 anything after this is all a crap shoot unless you can find credible studies that are unbiased and unadulterated,  a  toughie, but still can be done  I do use current stuff as well but like I said whatever Works!!!
 LLLS: What is your top 10 list of herbs to improve health?
Tony:  hahahah–Whatever works for you—but the Number one thing I give is Enzymes then FOOD–after this Vitamin C–after this Garlic–Rosemary—Thyme–Nootropics—Heart Supporting Supplement/Herb/food-Iodine–B1–Sulphur based Foods or herbs—Parsley-Plantain-Nettle–Vinegar–Wine–No Beer ahaha–I threw this in I know you like beer-haha
LLLS :What is your opinion on the omega 3 fats that people are now being told to mega dose to cure/prevent multiple disease?
Tony: Waste of Money and ALL BS!!  Pure Bullocks as they say in the UK and the commonwealth Pure Bullocks—these oils oxidize quicker in the system after 4 years of use they actually cause Heart Failure–and in the interim will cause cholesterol issues -and Like I said  by-product waste sold to the health industry so the nationals do not have to pay to clean there waste up—you become the garbage dump
 LLLS :  What are your top 10 tips for staying disease free?
 Tony: impossible—but you can increase the odds and the efficiency of your bodies to defend against the break down  of disease– or rather dis—- ease no such thing as a disease again another mind bender to get us to play sick so we can be fed drugs—the thing is whatever you do wherever you live and how you live will determine the regimen you may find work for you–the things I would tell you to avoid to increase and maintain Vitality would be 
1) Sugar
2 )SOY
3) Canola
5) Supplements or proteins containing sweeteners such as aspartame-sucrolose (splenda) aceslfame K- HFCS-high fructose corn syrup 
6) Box-bagged-Canned foods –most have soy or soy derivatives or canola oil- msg- hfsc-disodium guaylate disodium inosinate–Toxic as all hell- there are exceptions to this as far as canned goods but even the foods in them would have to be neutralized and prepared to make safe for consumption —but then again it would depend on what the foods are
7)-Colouring agents-Plastics
8) pork and pork by-products 
9)anything that says artificial flavour or natural flavour -these are usually soy or some unknown waste and since you do not know what it is why eat it
 10)  being a total vegan–seen more people with this life style get tanked –ill or totally broken–you have to have some animal protein or you do not get taurine and as a result heart- eye -brain–insulin functions and liver go to the crapper—and if your system has to manufacturer something that is more work for the internals as a result it cuts the body’s life force not increase it—for a short time to do this type of diet -say 3 months -may actually be healthy as a result of detoxing the body of excesses—but for a prolong period then it becomes detrimental—actually seen some one commit suicide as a result of this due to her brain not getting adequate zinc and b12 due to the bleeding off from soy and the lack of animal protein…


Well there you have it. Controversial, Informative, passionate, strong views and language to suit, and even a dig in there aimed at me for drinking too much beer!  He can never resist that, and I wouldn’t want him to, he does have a point! I hope you enjoyed that, and I’m sure we will here more from Tony. In fact, if you have any questions email me at  and I’ll be sure to ask him on the next Q&A or interview.  But you don’t have to wait until then, you can contact Tony yourself, listen to his radio show and talk directly via a chat room as he is on air!  Details below. 

Tony is on the Micro Effect Web sit www.microeffect.com  as The Remedy, every Monday and Friday night at 5pm to 6pm Pacific Time.  You can listen for free and also purchase lots of archived shows for a reasonable price and put them on your ipod to listen to whilst doing cardio at the gym!  Tony gives free advice, lots of home remedies for common and not so common ailments,  and loads more, check him out!

Tony has a website absolutely PACKED with information as well as the scripts for his radio show, see here  www.augmentinforce.50webs.com you can also buy Tony’s book or DVD from there.

 You can also find him making potions, concoctions and giving tips on being healthy on a budget on you tube. Go on youtube and search for Herbsplusbeadswork.

 There is also a Myspace Page : http://blog.myspace.com/independz 

 If you are in Canada or the US you may wish to visit Tony in his shop. The address is on this linked page http://www.augmentinforce.50webs.com/Herbs%20plus%20and%20Beadwork.html#HERBS%20PLUS%20AND%20BEADWORKS                     

 Thank you Tony for the interview and thank you for reading.