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With so many guru’s offering services and advice for exersise advice, filling pages and pages of magazines and websites, I think its about time to see some one get out there and actually SHOW us what to do to get the body we desire… and if there was ever an example of how to look good naked and work out to look and feel good , Melissa Ioja has exactly what you need………….. Enjoy…

Carl Lanore.

Carl Lanore 

Super human Radio with Carl Lanore



Carl Lanore of Super Human Radio 

 I have know about Carl for around three years. I found his Super Human Radio radio show on a forum for bodybuilders and weight lifters around  2007. I’m am not body builder but over the years i have found that if you want to get ripped, or just get a good knowledge of real nutrition, these people to go to. Through these forums I have also found information  about diet and nutrition that has amazed me. Carl’s show’s are unique and cover a wide range of subjects, and you will regularly find leading scientists, industry specialists, and top sports people being interviewed. You will also find controversial views on male HRT, government polices, nutrition and supplementation.

   Carl has rallied against the way the health system works in the US, against the H1N1 inoculations that the government was trying to enforce on the public (remember the swine flu farce? ) and so much more.   I have Carl to thank personally for opening my eyes to many subjects but also for providing me with 100’s of hours of entertainment , my  three hour daily round-trips to work and back would be far more annoying if I didn’t have these shows on my ipod to listen too!

 With his child like enthusiasm for his subjects Carl will regularly experiment on himself with new supplement, trainning and diet  routines. His energy comes across on his radio show and you can tell he walks the walk as well as talking the talk. Without further ado, below is Carl’s bio and some some links to his broadcasting page. Enjoy.

An Introduction to Carl Lanore


Carl Lanore began his journey into fitness and longevity after being diagnosed with an irreversible arrhythmia in 1998. At a body weight of well over 300 pounds his health, like many American’s living the Western lifestyle, had suffered. At the low point of his life, a young man of 40 years old, he was faced with the greatest challenge of his life – To Save His Own Life.

His journey is not unlike millions of other Americans who woke up to find they had been led down a path of certain dependence upon a medical system that is flawed and a parasitic pharmaceutical agenda. He chose a different path. A path of Physical Culture and Proper Nutrition. Many of us say we eat “healthy” but who dictates what healthy eating is today? The Government Food Pyramid tells us to eat lots of cereals, grains, and corn with only small amounts of protein and fat. But when you look at the way Paleolithic Humans ate, it was the complete opposite. Lanore states the reason Paleolithic Humans are important to look at is that they are the last group of Humans to eat the way we are genetically predisposed to eat – before marketing and the agricultural revolution.

His journey into saving his own life gave birth to a zealot who was disenchanted and angered by the lies being sold to Americans about their health, their diets and their need for pharmaceutical drugs to stay alive. A radio talk show host is born! At a party during the Christmas holiday Lanore found himself surrounded by a group of people. When the usual discussion about “losing weight after the holidays were over” arose, he revealed that he had lost one hundred pounds, the group wanted advice. What’s the secret? A gentleman listing to the discussion approached Lanore after the group had disbanded and asked if he ever thought about doing a radio show. He identified a passion in Lanore that he believed would carry over to a listening audience. Lanore modestly admitted that he didn’t like to hear his own voice and wondered why others would feel differently. The gentleman asked him to give it a try and meet with someone at the local Clear Channel studio in Louisville Kentucky. The rest is history!

Today Lanore hosts the Super Human Radio show which now plays to an International audience of listeners via AOL’s new digital Network SHOUTcast. Hundreds of thousands of listeners around the globe have tuned in for his discussions with expert guest over the years. His show reveals the flaws and fallacies in today’s Western diet, its linkage to the diseases we fight against, the need for Physical Culture in the form of regular daily exercise, supplements that remove the need for pharmaceutical drugs and the importance of hormones as we age. The motto of the show – “Live Stronger. Live Longer” is his mantra and he walks the walk as well. He trains almost daily with heavy resistance training methods, eats a Paleolithic style diet, began hormone replacement therapy in 2007, uses the supplements he talks about and has turned back the biological clock of his body. When asked he will tell you that he is stronger and in better health today than when he was in his late 20’s.

Emails arrive almost daily from people who have followed the show and employed its messages in their own lives. Weight loss, increased health, reversal of disease and a return to a life where energy and wellbeing abound are all the things his listeners thank him for.

When asked what his mission is, Lanore responded – “No matter what religious theology you subscribe to, we have this one life right now and we want to make it the best life we can. We want to live long healthy lives. Something as simple as not getting straddled with avoidable disease is our right and not a privilege. There are powers at work, sinister or not, that are standing in our way. I plan to expose them so people can make good informed choices that will impact their lives”. 


So there you have it. A zealot, an enthusiast, an inspiration to many. I have Carl and Super Human radio to thank for opening my eyes to many things and still today after 100’s of hours of shows I am continue to learn.   As a modest man you wont find too many youtube clips featuring Carl but go to Facebook and add him as a friend and you can see what he looks like today at the young age of 52!   Many male regular gym goers in their 20’s would be impressed and a little jealous!

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Super human Radio with Carl Lanore