Pioneers Of Juice Therapy

Pioneers Of Juice Therapy


 Today many people from the UK may know of a person or two that promotes juicing. I mean real Juicing of fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately Most people don’t know the difference between buying a branded orange juice from the store and juicing fresh vegetables and  oranges, and who can blame them? It seems that the people in charge of our great country, as well as those in charge of the USand just about every other country, never talk of the benefits of consuming fresh raw juices.

 The first big name I heard about with regards to juicing was Jay Kordich. Jay has a great story of how he used juicing or juice therapy to over come cancer as a young man. He is now in his 80’s doing very well and has never looked back. Jay was well known and on TV allot and was known as ‘The Juice man’ after decades on TV jay seemed to disappear before fairly recently making a come back. Now ‘The Juice Daddy’ is once again on the surge along with his wife Linda. They are all over YouTube, selling a new juice machine that they helped design; they are bringing out new books and spreading the word once again.

     It’s great to see them about and you can learn tons from these two very experienced juicers. Jay is the last real connection to the origins of juice therapy. Other great names such as Norman Walker, who many people regard as the founder of juicing and Dr max Gerson who really brought juicing to the masses as a medical tool, and Jay the Juice Daddy Kordich has worked with both of these men. Jay really is a wealth of knowledge and for me one of the pioneers of putting the message out to the masses.  Below are some other people that have helped educate and promote juicing therapy to the masses :

  Dr Norman Walker


Dr Norman walker was the original juice man. Born in 1886 Norman died in 1985 at the grand old age of 99 apparently in very good health and mental state. Dr Norman Walker First started squeezing the juice from fruits and vegetables around the early 1900’s after apparently noticing how much moisture was left on the underside of carrot peel and deciding to grid the peel down to remove the juice. From there, the rest as they say is history and after around 70 years or more of study he was still advocating the importance of fresh, raw, enzyme rich, nutrient dense foods and juice for health and longevity. 
    After moving to the US in 1910 from England, Dr Walker had various jobs but continued his pursuit of studying the effects of fresh juice. By the 1930’s Walker had formulated many specific combinations of fruit and vegetable juices to help restore the body and reverse many diseases. He opened a business selling fresh juices and delivering them to people’s homes around the same decade as well as designing his own juice machine, The Norwalk that is a two part juicer that first grinds the vegetables before then pressing them to release their juice. Some people still think this is one of the very best juice machines today in use today.

       In the 1940’s Walker bought an old cotton mill and began using it as a juice plant but the local authorities clamped down on him and his unpasteurized juices (not for the first time in his career) so he sold his share of the mill and started his own publication with the aim of spreading the word on juicing and health. It was also in the 1940’s where Dr Walker met The Juice Daddy Jay Kordich after Jay had already used Juice therapy under the guidance of Dr Max Gerson to cure his bowel cancer. Jay and Dr Walker studied and worked together for the next four decades or so. 

Dr Max Gerson

  Born in Germany in 1881 Max Gerson first started using the power of juicing to combat headaches and migraines but soon moved on to other diseases after one of Gersons patients being treated for his migraines found that whilst using the therapy his tuberculosis cleared up.

     After much success Gerson caught the attention of famed thoracic surgeon, Ferdinand Sauerbruch, M.D.
Under  Sauerbruch’s supervision, Dr. Gerson established a special skin tuberculosis treatment program at the Munich University Hospital. In a carefully monitored clinical trial, 446 out of 450 skin tuberculosis patients treated with the Gerson diet recovered completely. Dr. Sauerbruch and Dr. Gerson simultaneously published articles in a dozen of the world’s leading medical journals, establishing the Gerson treatment as the first cure for skin tuberculosis.

Later Dr Gerson became known to Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, M.D., by curing Schweitzer’s wife of lung tuberculosis after all conventional treatments had failed. Gerson and Schweitzer remained friends for life, and maintained regular correspondence.  Dr Gerson was having great success and in 1938, Dr. Gerson passed his boards and was licensed to practice in the state of New York. Apparently, for around twenty years, he treated hundreds of cancer patients who had been given up to die after all conventional treatments had failed.

     In 1958 Dr Gerson had been getting much success but no where near enough recognition in the main stream medical fraternity and although successful, he was still thought of as having ‘radical’ ideas in that foods could help cure the body of disease. In 1958, after thirty years of clinical experimentation, Gerson published “A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases”.  This medical monograph details the theories, treatment, and results achieved by a great physician. Gerson died in 1959 in suspicious circumstances having been said to have been poisoned with arsenic. 

 The Gerson was lives on in Max Gersons daughter Charlotte who now in her 80’s has been spreading the word since her father’s death. The Gerson therapy is probably the best known Cancer treatment in the world and includes lots of juicing of fresh vegetables and fruits but it is not solely a ‘Juice diet’ Still today the mainstream medical establishment do not accept the Gerson therapy or any other ‘alternative’ therapy as a possible was to help treat disease. Some people speculate that this is purely a matter of money, as the pharmaceutical companies that run the medical industry can’t make money if people are keeping themselves free from sickness or even curing themselves but eating and drinking fresh, whole foods.  Charlotte has continued her relationship with Joy Kordich through out the years, rallying together to spread the message about juicing 

  Jay Kordich 

Jay is the biggest promoter of juicing around today!  As you have read above, Jay  Kordich is a living legend in the Juicing world with so much knowledge having been around so long but also having worked with the genius founders of juicing. 
  Born in  1923 just outside San Diego, California In 1948 at the age of 25, Jay was diagnosed with a serious illness and was told he may not have long to live. After reviewing all the treatments available, he left California and traveled to New York City to see Dr. Max Gerson who was treating terminally ill patients with fresh raw juices and healthy cleansing diets. At that time I can only imagine how obscure this idea must have seemed, maybe even more so than today. 

      Jay became his patient and immediately began a regimen of large doses of raw carrot & apple juice. It wasn’t long before Jay’s health was restored and the direction of his life was changed forever. It is now 2012 and Jay is once again working hard to spread the word of juice therapy with his wife Linda. Striding into his 9th decade jay shows no signs of stopping what he is doing and since we lost the legend that is Jack lalane last year, Jay is now just about the only legend left from an era long gone.  With every year Jay Strides through life with his legendary energy and enthusiasm for life and for juicing he is teaching us all how it’s done.  Jay’s story is quite amazing and you should check out his work and contact Jay and Linda for the best tips for using juice therapy to improve your health