Show Post for December 24-Tobacco Benefits


Recipe to make this work-–You must get Tobacco that has not been sprayed or treated with 4000 chemicals–take 4 parts alcohol 1 part tobacco —add to a blender and blend for  10 minutes then strain—Your next  herb will be a sage extract( do it the same way as tobacco but use sage ) and you will need a instant or ground coffee extract( again as the sage or tobacco)once  you have extracted the 3 then combine them all 1:1:1 ratio blend again for another 10 minutes then strain—pour a portion in a pot( say 2-3 oz) and then simmer it down to almost the bottom of the pot ( about 1/8 of an inch from the bottom)  then stop and allow to cool—then when cooled put in amber bottle and top with either a cap or a dropper—use 1-2 drops several times a day —do not use before bed it may keep you awake due to brain activation

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