Gut Health With Dr Zac Bush


I hope you had a great 2016. As you can see from lack of posts I had a busy one! But from 2017 and beyond I hope to tidy up and then keep up to date with curent health information.

I kick off 2017 with this video about a new product that can really help people to improve gut health. Dr Zac Bush has discovered an amazing product that can actually protect AND heal the tight junctions in the intestinal tract that is known as ‘leaky guy’ and which is currently a hot topic in ths medical research world due to so many conditions now being linked to leaky gut, other wise known and intestinal permiability. From Autism to Arthritis and many other autoimmune diseases, leave gut is becoming a real problem. Dr Bush stumbled accross this substance, now known as Restore when working with diabetic patients and actively completing research on Cancer.

I will talk more about Dr bush and his discovery later, so for now, watch this short Your Tube viedo and listen to how this product could revolutionise your health. It has helpped me immensley. You can purchase Restore (UK & Europe) by clicking the image below