Boost your brain with chocolate! Raw chocolate, raw food and happiness with David Wolfe, Steve Adler on Mental Health Exposed

NaturalNews) Learn the benefits of the world’s tastiest superfood, raw chocolate, on this episode of Mental Health Exposed.
Raw food mogul David Wolfe and Steve Adler of Sacred Chocolate join Mike Bundrant to discuss not only the virtues of eating a raw diet, but also the science behind raw chocolate, perhaps the healthiest food on the planet. Eaten in a raw, untarnished and sensibly sweetened form, raw chocolate is a powerhouse for your mental health!
Best of all, listeners of Mental Health Exposed will receive a special coupon toward the purchase of Sacred Chocolate’s raw chocolate, good though May 15, 2012!

Download this raw episode of Mental Health Exposed and learn:

• Why eating raw food leads to greater mental health, compassion and happiness. • How the raw food movement has progressed and why it will soon reach many more millions of people. • The best way to introduce more raw food into your diet, according to David Wolfe (an amazing, inexpensive solution he came up with years ago). • How raw chocolate is manufactured with its vital nutrients intact. • The specific nutrient profile of raw cacao – its amazing properties revealed – and how they boost brain health. • The coupon code to get a discount on Sacred Chocolate’s raw products exclusively for listeners of Mental Health Exposed. • What David Wolfe has been up to, his plans for the year and how to attend his signature event, The Longevity Conference.
You won’t enjoy this episode of Mental Health Exposed as much as a Sacred Chocolate truffle, but the conversation with these two raw food giants is stimulating and educational nonetheless. Thanks to all Natural News readers who have supported Mental Health Exposed.
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