Sunday 16th Jan 2011 – The Day Before…..

Well today is the day before. I am looking forward to starting tomorrow, I have had three  juices today and they really do make me feel good, placebo? possibly, or a sugar rush maybe? I made a shurbert lemonade with a whole small lemon and two apples and a while later i was feeling very good.   

  I went to the supermarket to by the stuff and every one was staring at my fully loaded green trolley! I was buying the list for two people as my girlfriend is also trying this severn day juice diet (although she has just told me that she has two lunch meetings this week but I have told her she’s only to have JUICE!) so i bought 70 apples, 5 cucumbers, 2 celerey, 12 lines, spinach, kale, parsley etc etc. 

 I know a bit about diet and nutrition and I am a bit of a weight lifter ( A very little bit recently) and I know the importance of Fats and Proteins so I have had to try very hard not to  modify this juice diet. I wanted to add the odd raw egg, scoop of whey or BCAA’s, some coconut oil, olive oil, walnut oil etc but i decided not to. It is only 7 days and  I want to give a good honest review about the whole  7lbs in 7 days diet and suggested exercise. 

 I Will no doubt experiment some more and improve on this program but for now,  i’m ready to start in the morning, jump on the scales and the juice my self to huge energy and mental clarity!! (apparently)