Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Of the Month November 5 2012

Show Topics

  • Power Blender  Assembly
  • How Silver Turns People Blue
  • Morgellon Bath
  • Ionizing or aerosoling protection
  • Morgellon Stripper


Power Blender  Assembly

Here is an illustration on how to build this—use a mason Jar or any jar where the bottom part of

A blender can screw into—then  get yourself some masking tape to  tape the threads of the jar and the

Inside of the attatchments—make sure the seal is UNDER the blade not over it or you will have rubber pieces in your mix  –then fill contents of the Jar and then proceed to screw the lid on with it being sealed–And blend you material   for the appropriate time—


How Silver Turns People Blue 

Too much of a good thing. Scientists have known for years argyria — a condition that turns the skin blue — had something to do with silver. Brown scientists have figured out the complex chemistry behind it.——-ScienceDaily (Oct. 29, 2012) — Ingesting silver — in antimicrobial health tonics or for extensive medical treatments involving silver — can cause argyria, condition in which the skin turns grayish-blue. Brown researchers have discovered how that happens. The process is similar to developing black-and-white photographs, and it’s not just the silver.–Researchers from Brown University have shown for the first time how ingesting too much silver can cause argyria, a rare condition in which patients’ skin turns a striking shade of grayish blue.—“It’s the first conceptual model giving the whole picture of how one develops this condition,” said Robert Hurt, professor of engineering at Brown and part of the research team. “What’s interesting here is that the particles someone ingests aren’t the particles that ultimately cause the disorder.”—Scientists have known for years argyria had something to do with silver. The condition has been documented in people who (ill advisedly) drink antimicrobial health tonics containing silver nanoparticles and in people who have had extensive medical treatments involving silver. Tissue samples from patients showed silver particles actually lodged deep in the skin, but it wasn’t clear how they got there.—As it turns out, argyria is caused by a complex series of chemical reactions, Hurt said. His paper on the subject, authored with Brown colleagues Jingyu Liu, Zhongying Wang, Frances Liu, and Agnes Kane, is published in the journal ACS Nano.—-“The particles someone ingests aren’t the particles that ultimately cause the disorder.”Hurt and his team show that nanosilver is broken down in the stomach, absorbed into the bloodstream as a salt and finally deposited in the skin, where exposure to light turns the salt back into elemental silver and creates the telltale bluish hue. That final stage, oddly, involves the same photochemical reaction used to develop black-and-white photographs.

From silver to salt and back again—Hurt and his team have been studying the environmental impact of silver, specifically silver nanoparticles, for years. They’ve found that nanosilver tends to corrode in acidic environments, giving off charged ionssilver saltsthat can be toxic in large amounts. Hurt’s graduate student, Jingyu Liu (now a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology), thought those same toxic ions might also be produced when silver enters the body, and could play a role in argyria.—To find out, the researchers mixed a series chemical treatments that could simulate what might happen to silver inside the body. One treatment simulated the acidic environment in the gastrointestinal tract; one mimicked the protein content of the bloodstream; and a collagen gel replicated the base membranes of the skin.—-They found that nanosilver corrodes in stomach acid in much the same way it does in other acidic environments. Corrosion strips silver atoms of electrons, forming positively charged silver salt ions. Those ions can easily be taken into the bloodstream through channels that absorb other types of salt. That’s a crucial step, Hurt said. Silver metal particles themselves aren’t terribly likely to make it from the GI tract to the blood, but when they’re transformed into a salt, they’re ushered right through.—From there, Hurt and his team showed that silver ions bind easily with sulfur present in blood proteins, which would give them a free ride through the bloodstream. Some of those ions would eventually end up in the skin, where they’d be exposed to light.—-To re-create this end stage, the researchers shined ultraviolet light on collagen gel containing silver ions. The light caused electrons from the surrounding materials to jump onto the unstable ions, returning them to their original state — elemental silver. This final reaction is ultimately what turns patients’ skin blue. The photoreaction is similar to the way silver is used in black and white photography. When exposed to light, silver salts on a photographic film reduce to elemental silver and darken, creating an image.

Implications for nanosilver—Despite its potential toxicity, silver has been valued for centuries for its ability to kill germs, which is why silver nanoparticles are used today in everything from food packaging to bandages. There are concerns however that this nanoparticle form of silver might pose a unique health threat all its own.[U1]   –This research, however, “would be one piece of evidence that you could treat nanoparticles in the same way as other forms of silver,” Hurt says. That’s because the bioavailable form of silver — the form that is absorbed into the bloodstream – is the silver salt that’s made in the stomach. Any elemental silver that’s ingested is just the raw material to make that bioavailable salt. So ingesting silver in any form, be it nano or not, would have basically the same effect, Hurt said.”The concern in this case is the total dose of silver, not what form it’s in,” Hurt said. “This study implies that silver nanoparticles will be less toxic than an equivalent amount of silver salt, at least in this exposure scenario.”—The National Science Foundation and the Superfund Research Program of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences funded the research.—Story Source–The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Brown University. –Journal Reference—Jingyu Liu, Zhongying Wang, Frances D. Liu, Agnes B. Kane, Robert H. Hurt. Chemical Transformations of Nanosilver in Biological Environments. ACS Nano, 2012; : 121017162703002 DOI: 10.1021/nn303449n


Morgellon Bath

Materials For he Bath

TSP-Trisodium Phosphate-1/8 cup

Magnesium Sulphate-1/4 cup

Povidone or Betadine soap -1 capful

Baking Soda-1/4 cup


This will stop or slow down the assembling and reduce the infections of the skin

Use a brush with soft bristles to lightly brush the areas—will see a huge improvement

And afterwards apply the morgellon stripper—utilize any time as needed to heal the

Infections as a result of the releasing of toxins as the polymers exit out and the biofilm is

broken down



Ionizing or aerosoling protection take a dehumidifier and add distilled water to the top and add to it 10-20 drops of iodine( lugols) 10-20 drops of colloidal silver—make sure it is above 70ppm—take the essential oils of thyme 10 drops-lemon 10 drops—pine  10 drops-peppermint 10  drops—the essential oils are just suggestions and not the only way to get something done explore and utilize other oils—this will strip out of the mucousal lining chemtrail polymers and other pollutants you are breatheing in – this will alleviate tremendously sinus infections and upper respiratory weakness–you may see this clear up some skin issues as well—and will sanitize the air as well as kill off whatever walks in the door with people or pets—This can take 3-5 days and when you blow the nose it will remove a glue like or plastic like material—it may feel stickier then normal—you may feel as well at 3 am you may wind up coughing –this will be due  to your body trying to drain the lungs of all the contaminants you have been breatheing—


Morgellon Stripperwhat you will need is aloe vera gel—salicyclic acid-citric acid—ascorbic acid and iodine—20 drops of Iodine-1 tsp of Ascorbic acid-1tsp of citric acid-1/2 tsp of salicyclic and the aloe gel—what you do is throw in all 3 acids in a blender or your power extractor you made—blend till everything is dissolved—then pour into another jar and use the iodine and stir in with spoon or add it to another jar to and from pouring from one jar to another—do this about 20 times—when done you can apply it on the skin and apply briskly and you will a lot of the morgellons come right through the skin—do this before and after a Bath and you will see incredible amounts of your skin will loosen up the debris from chemtrails and GMO or GE