Saturday Day 6 of Juice Diet! Jan 22 2011

Well today is the second from last day of the Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 Days Juice diet. 

So far I  have not felt hungry, in the last couple of days i’ve had good energy but less strength and stamina. I have not had the clear thinking side effects of this diet but maybe that will come.  These juices must have flushed my body  clean of toxins (allot if not all) right down to the cells. My liver and digestive tract will have thanked me for this but I have some things that I will change next time I do a juice fast.  

  So far todays probably been t he hardest in terms of  not eating crap as the weekends is where I came away from eating regular ‘clean’ meals. I am definitly ready for some  MEAT! and more Protein but I have planed my meals for next week and will not be over doing it. I will add a final write up on here  Monday as to final thoughts and weight.