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As mentioned on the intro, I have not known about Rob for that long but I have seen and heard enough from Rob to make me think this man may just be one of the people that will be remembered for a long time.  If you are looking to loose fat, build muscle improve sports specific performance, health or any number of other reasons then check out rob, his Blue Print protocol and his forum for personal support where rob himself will reply to any post yuou make there normally within  24 hours! Now that is service. 

  What I like about Rob Regish is his personal effort to help people on his forum acheive their goals, he want you to achieve your goals, I mean really wants you to! Therefore you know the research he has put into his  protocol The Blue Print has been painstakinly put together. Rob has even put together a new (very new at the time of writing this) supplement to help enhance the effects of his training and nutritional protocols and the early signs are that this could be a HUGE supplement in the Bodubuilding/muscle and fitness arena. The product can be found  HERE Rob Garuantees results and you have to have sme confidance for that. I could go on but I don’t want to sound like one huge advertisement  (although that is the point I guess). I want to do a Q&A with Rob when we can find time but below are some comments about Rob from various places. This list was copied from the Super human Radio website which you can find by clicking HERE


About Rob Regish

 Rob Regish is the author of “The Blueprint”, a highly acclaimed series of books that have allowed thousands to break pleateaus from the United States to Australia. He’s also done freelance work, writing articles for VPX Sports, Muscle and Sports Science and is a sought after consultant for program design, diets, supplement formulations and life coaching.

 In April of 2012, he formulated Mass Pro Synthagen – the first in a new category of supplements designed to radically improve work capacity and recovery from high intensity exercise. Finally, Rob appears weekly on where he has both his own show answering listener questions, as well as participating in a bi-weekly roundtable on strength and hypertrophy, with world record holder/powerlifting great Wade Johnson.

 Praise for Rob Regish/The Blueprint

 Originally Posted by Frank-Castle

 “I’ve used ALOT of different training methods over the years but nothing compared to the results I saw with this”.

 Turboflex: Results in 7 weeks: From…hp?t=124590841

 “Bench max..

start 265×1

end 295×1

 Squat max..

 start 330×1

end 405×3!!!! (WOW)”

 By sovabrat on The Blueprint forums:

 “I am still trying to wrap my head around the progress I have made. My bodyfat is literally melting away. I surprised myself yet again and am proud to say I destroyed all my previous PR’s”.

 Originally Posted by canIhas on the Thermolife Forum:

 “But yeah the strength gains so far are sick. I had high expectations but so far The Blueprint has surpassed them”.

 TheBig3’s 1st Blueprint Run

 “20lbs in just over a month. I am once again speechless at the power of this program. This program not only

gives incredible knowledge but also is one of the few out there that deliver results. I literally had all of my expectations exceeded about the BP and couldn’t be happier”.

 Originally Posted by JDK420

“The most effective muscle building plan in circulation to date combined with the best customer support of all-time, makes purchasing the blueprint the best 50 bucks I have ever spent. Keep up the great work!”

 Dracomuscle – A certified personal trainer:

 “The Blueprint along with coaching from Rob helped me gain again and taught me to listen to my body. I thought I new it all, I’m well read and will soon be a certified personal trainer. Rob has shed a new light on what I do, and will do for the rest of my life. I have run this program three times and have seen gains in some way shape or form each time”.

 Sloop’s feedback, upon initially reading The Blueprint:

“I’ve always been curious as to what all the hype is about, just how much information is included, what information is included, etc.

 Even if my lifts don’t improve by 1 pound, the amount of information to learn from in 1 document is staggering and worth the money. Hell, I’ve spent 5x the price for college textbooks that weren’t this helpful”.

 By Dr. P. – Thermolife Scientific Advisor

“With regards to blueprint: It is definitely not just another program. It is very different from everything I haveseen from the ‘popular programs’ crowd because it tuned and tweaked to lead into repeated states of borderline-overtraining and then to cut back on training stress just in the right moment in order to have the optimal growth stimulus. The addition of a strong adaptogen then fortifies and speeds up recuperation and regeneration tremendously, allowing for some insane gains within relatively short periods of time.”


“I bought the Blueprint back in september of this year and I was a little skeptical. I had just tested my bench press for work and pushed 270 lbs. I was happy with that but wanted a little more. I started to do the BP and after halfway through I was doing 290, and it appears that I will benching 315 – 320 here next week. I am more than happy with BluePrint and can’t wait to start my next run through.

 If you haven’t bought this great ebook then you need to do it now”.


“I was also skeptical. Very skeptical. But I’ve been going by the book, and am making great gains. I had been plateaued for months. In the last 5 weeks of the BP, I’ve added 15 lbs to my bench press, and 25 lbs on my squat. And I’m expecting to add another 5% to both in the next 4 weeks.The three things I really like about it are:

 1) The program. The routines are laid out to give you exactly what you need when you need it. When I was fee

ling battered, a deload day magically appeared. When I was feeling awesome, the plan stepped it up. The workouts are planned in a way that you can’t help but get stronger.

 2) The supplements. I’ve never been a believer in supplements, but decided to give them a try. I used to get horrible leg DOMS. Even after working legs consistently for a year, I couldn’t walk right for three days after leg day. It really held back my progress, as I dreaded doing legs, and always had to plan it around things I was doing in my life.

 With the Blueprint, I’m doing double the leg volume, and my legs don’t get sore /at all/. Not even a little. I can feel them the next day, like they’re the good kind of tired. But I can hit each body part MUCH more often. And the supplements aren’t shotgunned, they’re strategic. Like the workouts, you get what you need when you need it.

 3) Mixelflick/Rob Regish. He redefines customer service. He’s right there every step of the way. You have a question, he answers it. You go off track, he offers a suggestion. He helps tailor the plan to fit you and your goals. And he’s a super nice guy that brings a sense of community and family to the whole process. Like a one man support group.


He also stands behind his product. If you are willing to put in the effort, he will make the BP work for you”