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 only found out about Polly this year at The Truth Matters Conference. Polly gave a talk at the conference which was nothing more than a real life account of her own situation. Polly was a typical young, attractive girl living in London enjoying the city life, working and going out with friends enjoying some of what the city has to offer. At 24 years of age she was told that she had cancer. Most people are shocked to hear that news but at the age of 24 it must have been especially hard to hear! After going through some horrific and painful treatment Polly decided to take a different, more natural approach. Six years later Polly is inspiring people, giving talks and telling her story as well as working as a life coach. Polly is FULL of energy and I urge every one to check out her website and information.  Below is a short Q&A Polly was kind enough to do for me.  For more information or to contact Polly go to www.pollynoble.com


Hello Polly, I heard your story first hand at the conference TheTruthMatters and found it moving to hear how you have overcome a life threatening condition. Can you give people reading this a brief over view of what happened and how you first found out you had cancer? 

I was originally diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2005 aged 24. I had a 3cm tumour on my cervix which unfortunately had also spread to my nodes around my pelvis area and a week later I had keyhole surgery for the removal of as many of the infected lymph nodes as possible. A few weeks later I began a course of simultaneous radiotherapy and chemotherapy for 6 weeks followed by brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) which was horrendous! I then supposedly went into remission for 4 years but was left with a very weak immune system and was hospitalized twice in an many years with severe pneumonia. 

During my second bout of pneumonia in December 2009, I found a small lump in my neck that turned out to be a malignant lymph node. As the cancer was systemic throughout my body, my oncologist told me that it was deemed “incurable” and that treatment such as radiotherapy may not make much difference.


It must have been unbelievably scary to have someone hand you that news. How did you come to chose to take your own path in your fight against it, going against the advice of the doctors. This must have been a very hard thing to do as I know that there can be allot of pressure to go down the ‘normal’ route of treatment?

Well, as the cancer was systemic throughout my body, my oncologist told me that it was deemed “incurable” and that treatment such as radiotherapy may not make much difference. Seeing as radiotherapy was going to be ineffective and knowing how awful I felt the last time I had conventional treatment I decided to research alternative ways of healing. I figured if the doctors couldn’t “fix” me, then I would fix myself! Over the years of recovering from cancer I have read a lot of material on cancer as well as studying at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I have come to the conclusion that plying the body with drugs isn’t always effective. I knew that the drugs used for chemotherapy were pretty lethal but I hadn’t really taken into account just how detrimental the treatment would be on my healthy cells and the toll it would take on my overall health not to mention the long term side-effects. I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason and soon after starting conventional treatment for the first lot of cancer, I read books such as Brandon Bays “The Journey” and Louise Hays “You Can Heal Your Life” and had an overwhelming feeling that I should have opted to heal myself naturally. But it was too late and I didn’t know enough back then or have the first idea of where to start. Having cancer was scary and I just went along with what the doctors suggested because I thought they had all the answers.

When my second diagnosis came around I instantly knew what I had to do. I felt that this was my opportunity to do what I probably should have done the first time around. This was my chance to show people that there is another way.

Who were/are the most influential people in helping you beat this with regards to the types of therapies that you used?

I am very open to trying all sorts of therapies and over the years have tried things from EFT to Shamanism, Past-Life Regression, Acupuncture, Kinesiology, MindDetox Method, Magnet Therapy, Healers, Reiki and I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people that want to help me offering their advice and expertise. I wouldn’t be without my acupuncturist or my meditation taught to me by Sandy Newbigging. (http://www.sandynewbigging.com/

How important do you believe a positive attitude in beating any potential life threatening condition?

 I think a positive attitude is incredibly important as not only does it boost the immune system but it promotes healing on a cellular level. Choosing to be positive and live in peace regardless of what situation is occurring is key to health and happiness.

How would you advise a person that there are other methods out there to try, and how do you deal with the shocked/stunned reactions people respond with when you suggest that they don’t HAVE to be radiated or cut open?

 It’s rare that people react negatively to what I’m doing and if they do, I don’t take it personally. Everyone has beliefs and are entitled to them so even if they are mean or negative, I send them love and forget about it! I have no time or desire to entertain that kind of energy.

 If someone is looking for alternative options, I would suggest finding an integrative doctor who is knowledgeable about the illness as well as alternative therapies. There are also lots of charities like Yes To Life which provide support for people that are looking into other options.

What is the best advice you give to people when they tell you they have been recently told they have cancer?

Not to rush their decision of what treatment they have. So many people are terrified of the word cancer and quite often begin treatment within a week or two of their diagnosis. This happened to me and had I known what I know now, I would have taken more time to consider my options and research all the information widely available. Only when you have all the information, can you make an informed decision.

I understand you offer a service as a health coach, if some one would like to contact you for this, what’s the best way?

I work as a Holistic Health coach and nutritionist helping people to improve their health and happiness. I help people to bring into balance all areas of their life as ultimately the level of health and wellness you experience is determined by your relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality and of course food. My job is to help you create balance within all of these areas so you can start living a life you love.

Will you be talking at any other events in the near future?

Yes – I am scheduling some talks in London in September and October so to keep updated, sign up to my newsletter on pollynoble.com to be notified of upcoming events. I will also be talking at Truth Matters in Glasgow on September 17th.

 Do you want to plug a website, Blog or any services you wish to tell people about?

 My blog has free coaching tips, raw food recipes, raw food classes and doses of inspiration.www.pollynoble.com

 My book The Cancer Journey – Positive Steps To help Yourself Heal is out in September www.thecancerjourneybook.com

 Thank you Polly for taking time to share your story and we look forward to hear about any future news from you.