Paul Chek

Paul Chek


I can’t actually remember where I heard of Paul Chek for the first time. It was a while ago and I think he was talking about core stability exercises, or someone was referring to him with regards to them. So I didn’t think much more about it. Fast forward a few years and I have listened to hours of interview pod casts with Paul check, watched a good amount of hours of video / youtube footage and I think the man is a genius. 

If I had not been studying various modes of health and nutrition for a while now I might have listened to some of what Paul talks about and thought it was to ‘wishy washy’ or a little “out there” but when you get to learn that our minds / emotions do play a huge role in our physical health, and that we are still attached to nature no matter how civilised and beyond all that we think we are, then with this in mind listening to Paul Chek opens your mind to world of consciousness. Hang on, now I sound like a tree hugging, teepee living hippy! don’t stop reading.

Paul Check talks the talk and walks the walk, he is ripped, muscular and at 50 years of age he trains and can allegedly out perform many of the professional athletes he trains. Paul has given lectures at the revered Price-Pottenger institute, he has a successful business training people to become Chek Practitioners and lectures all around the world. Listen to him speak and he is energetic, enthusiastic and about as well read as any one I have ever known. Paul can talk muscle building, fatloss, performance training and life coaching with the best of them, he can also talk environment, astrology, biochemistry, Chinese medicine, martial arts and on and on. As you can tell I have become a bit of a Chek fan, and for all the reasons I just wrote. Look on youtube and you can see, for free, hours of talks Paul has given which gives away MASSIVE amounts of knowledge, all delivered with passion and some laughs.

Will all that said Pauls latest book “How to live move and be healthy” has not made its was from my Amazon wish list to my hands yet as I literally have not had the time to read it and I want some time off from work and the usual daily madness to get stuck into it. It will however be here on the morning of the 25th of December (or the 24th depending what time Santa pops into leave it under my tree) and I have a week off work to inulge.

Check out Paul’s websites, face book, youtube and books and you will only come away being better educated and entertained.

If that don’t work just search for Paul Chek.