Health News Round Up For 13/01/2014


So here we are in 2014 with another Health News Round Up for 13/01/2014 What will be in the News this year? More remedies, more shocking government strikes against herbs and vitamins? I think so. Our big boss overlords in Europe are looking to get the ridiculously low RDA for vitamins and minerals lowered even more! And why? were there so many deaths and injuries from Vitaimns in 2013 that made them consider this? Of course not. As much as I don’t want to, I become more and more suspicious every day, and that pushes more into the rhealm conspiracey theorist.

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Health Axis – News Round Up 3rd Jan 2014


Welcom to – Health Axis – News Round Up

So here we are , I have been slacking on producing links for the best health news for a while. But I am back. I have also been looking to improve this blog and 2014 will see some changes, all for the better. Visually i will be making the site better and it will be updated much more regularly. I will also be considering more plans to expand.

For now, here are the links to news I have found interesting in the world of health and wellness… In future i will be posting up the full article on this site, making it a huge, easy to search database of information.

Some amazing story linked here include, Mistletoe extract beats chemo against colon cancer cells in a study from Australia, Turmeric Extract Found Superior To Blockbuster Drug for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells and more!!! Hows that for a New Year treat??? Time to start rallying against mainstream medicine!Money needs to be spent in other areas than drugs for treating disease!

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Tony Pantalleresco ‘The Remedy’ Radio Show Notes for Week Ending 8th December 2013

Show of the Month December 7 2013

Topics Include :

Bill 113 –signed By Mayor of Hawaii-GMO Free Zone

Seed Industry structure

Specific plasma lipid classes and phospholipid fatty acids indicative of dairy food
consumption associate with insulin sensitivity
Trans Fat “Ban” Not What It Appears

Natural Gene Therapy for Precision and Safety

Gastrointestinal Hormones and Peptides

Health Benefits of Pancreatin

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Health New Round Up – 5/11/2013


So Guy Fawkes night is here! WOW! The march of Christmas is upon us. I went for a birthday meal for some one last weekend at a holiday camp and as I walked in I was greeted by a six foot tall Santa!!! In my opinion this is far too early to start Christmas! (1st of November). I like Christmas and I love the build up (most of the time the build up is more exciting than the day itself) but I think there should be a rule that no Christmas decorations should be allowed before December 1st. That way we protect the Christmas spirit and on the 1st of December BOOM! The magic begins! In recent years but the time December 1st rolls around I’m sick of Jingle bells! So what does all this have to do with the Health news round up? Absolutely nothing.

So here we go, my pick of note worthy news and info from the world of health. I have picked through the propaganda and rubbish to show what I find interesting and informative and I hope you do to.

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WE ARE BACK …… Yes, Again!!!!


Soooooooooooo I have been away for a bit. A trip to the south of France, and Trip to Madeira, being out of the house at the day job for over 12 hours a day and having to re vamp and send out order for the Supplement shop and the moving of my old site that was hit by a virus some months ago, to a new server, has left me unable to post.

I am back now though and once again will be trying to get back to regular multiple posts a week routine……

So whats been going on?

I have been listening to and reading up on Dr Joel Wallach. He is an amazing man on an amazing mission. I will do a dedicated blog about Dr Wallach but lets just say he is a man that was scorn by the medical industry many decades ago and has been on a health truth mission for all that time! Dr Wallach’s books are very informative and i’ve been loving his books and will share lots of info in the near future.

So lets take a look at some recent health news…..

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Rachel Parent schools TV host on GMO labeling, human rights


Here is a link that shows the video of 14 year old Rachel Parent

Take note how the host tell’s Rachel Parent that this is an on going scientific experiment!!! He seems to think this is OK and that we should be quite happy to let the likes of Monsanto sell poison to us freely. The man is a complete idiot or he is taking money from companies like Monsanto. If O’Leary wants to be in such an experiment then lets see him feed his kids GMO Soy and corn!!!!

Any way, watch the video, share and spread the word.


Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes – Week Ending July 7th 2013

So here we are again playing catch up. Tony has all his July 2013 Radio show notes posted on his website )

The weather here inLondon UK is HOT! it’s great, no complaining from me. We have been waiting for this weather for far too long. I have been reading allot of Dr Joel Wallachs books recently and listning to his “dead Doctors Don’t lie” radio show and I have to say this guy knows his stuff. In fact he is a bit of a living legend. I will post about him soon so I wont go on here. But one thing is for sure, in this hot weather you really need to make sure you replace all the nutrients you are sweating out. It’s not just water, or even water and sodium you are sweating out, Dr Wallach tells us its a soup of the whole 90 essential nutrients that we are loosing! So supplement, Juice lots of veg, drink your raw milk and coconut juice! replenish replenish replenish!

Ok so here goes, Mr Pantallerescos show notes for week ending July 7th 2013

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Health News update 16th of June 2013


The world of health is full of news as usual and I have shared some of my best stories from various sources below.
Stories from Natural News range from B Vitamins slowing the progression of Alzheimers to proof that being kinky in the bedroom is good for the mind!!! GreenMedInfo shares the health benefits of the much used but often overlooked Orange, and Turmerics benefits on Alzheimers disease. Science daily shares a study once again confirming why we all need to be reduce our sugar consumption and new study’s show how sugar can damage the heart!


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