Work out Time with Melissa Ioja – Dynamite (real time REP workout)

in this video Melissa takes you through a Rep challenge work out. Sounds tough? it is!
this video is 44 minutes long. Are you tough enough to take the challenge?

Melissa Ioja real time work out – “Push it Real good”

Here we are yet again with Melissa Ioja real time work out – “Push it Real good” . I don’t think I need to say anything else. Here is 12 minutes of pain.

Melissa Ioja – Applause (Real Time HIIT Workout)

Here we go again, another workout video from the gorgeous Melissa Ioja. As always, get ready to work hard while Melissa shows you the way. This video – Melissa Ioja – Applause (Real Time HIIT Workout) is under 30 minutes long but will test you and test you good!


Melissa Ioja Work Out – Heidi’s Bodyguard Workout

Get your Gym gear on and get ready to rumble with the amazing Melissa Ioja…..

Melissa Ioja – The Hot Body Method – We’ll Never Be Royals (real time blackjack workout)

Here again is the lovely Melissa Ioja from ‘The Hot Body Method’ showing us how to work out and get ripped! Melissa trains hard and fast and gets results! Check her out and follow what she does! Be warned this is a HARD work out!

Melissa Ioja Workout! – Be the Hottest B**** in the Room

Here is another treat for you. I have been posting new work out videos from Melissa Ioja but this is an older one and i wanted to post it firstly because it is an awesome session that once again shows you just how much work and intensity you can get done in around 15 minutes! Secondly, I like the name!

Watch this video once, learn the technique and then give it a go, keeping within the time restrictions…. It’s not easy!

Melissa Ioja… Another YouTube Work Out “Muscle Mayhem”

Another Killer work out from the lovely Melissa Ioja anf ‘The Hot Body Method’ (You may not think she’s lovely when you see this next work out) So sit back and watch this new video, take notes, re-watch and then get your ass into gear and get it done….. If you are man (Woman?) enough!


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Melissa Ioja YouTube… Buns and Guns Workout

Ok here we go, another grueling workout shown in real time from Melissa. They say “No Pain No Gain”
and I think this workout fits that description!! BUT, Melissa shows you that she can do, and so can you!
Just take a look at Melissa and see the results you can get….. Enjoy…

Want to Get In shape? Meet Melissa Ioja

Something a little different…

With so many guru’s offering services and advice for exersise advice, filling pages and pages of magazines and websites, I think its about time to see some one get out there and actually SHOW us what to do to get the body we desire… and if there was ever an example of how to look good naked and work out to look and feel good , Melissa Ioja has exactly what you need………….. Enjoy…