Juice Detox – Jan 2011 – 7lbs in 7 Days

Ok so here is my first entry. I have already written this once, and I wrote quite a lot before my Lap top decided to go up the wall and I lost it so I’ll keep this brief.

  I decided to get back in shape this year after letting things go over the last two years. I have been doing allot of studying, and reading and advising and not enough doing!  I am a big believer in protein consumption being a weight lifter for over 16 years on and off and next week I will not be taking in any protein powder, eggs, chicken, fish etc but i’m worried, i’m looking forward to next monday when its the start of 7 days of fresh live fruit and veg juice.

  After reading other blogs, people seem to start feeling great at around day 5. Its only one week so i’m looking forward to giving my body a break digestively, and also i will be super nourished with all the vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients.  I am not worried about the 7lbs body weight loss,  I am looking forward to the clear thinking, energized feeling that people seem to get. 

 so here goes. I have a long term plan, I have started eating healthy again after the christmas  and i will not be drinking any alcohol until after Feb and then only in moderation and i’ll try to stay away from beer!

 I will be documenting everything here, good and bad. I am using the recipes from Jason Vales loose 7lbs in 7 Days book. I have posted a couple of questions of Jason’s Face book page so i’m off to see if  he has answered.

Feel  free to ask any questions, or to let me know your experiances.