Health News Round Up – Week ending 30/06/2013


So another crazy week (or so) passes us by. Whats been going on?

Well, We have cabbages coming soon that have been spliced with Scorpion poison!! Yep, you heard it, the odd science experiment continues, and the GMO over-lords (what I like to call them) are now going to be producing cabbages that are genetically mixed with scorpion poison with the aim of farmers needing to use less toxic pesticides while they grow.

Well so far the GMO experiment has not gone well. From Modern day wheat to GMO soy and corn and the cotton it has been a total disaster that has killed many people, ruined lives and no one has paid for it. But, lets crack on and splice scorpion poison with cabbages…. because that’s going to work well eh!

Any way, enjoy my pick of recent news….

GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon

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