Health News Round Up Week Ending 27th October 2013


So here we are again. lots of new in the world of health and wellness as usual. We have some interesting news, some depressing news, and some Shocking news! We have a couple of items about the radiation leak in Japan… Remember that? It was big mainstream news when it happened but now… you hear nothing. Is that because it has all been moped up and sorted out? Apparently not. And both Natural News and GreenMedInfo have an update for us.

So here we go, some links from the world of Health chosen by me especially for you! Enjoy.

So we will kick off with the Two Fukashima reports. It is sickening to know that radiation damage is still being caused and If I was on the west coast of the US i would be very worried.

The evidence is clear: Fukushima radiation is still tearing up West Coast of USA

28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Here is some good news. Coffee plus Honey is better than systemic steroids for treating a cough? Well i love honey in coffee so i’ll take that! Interesting article

Honey Plus Coffee Beats Steroid For Treating Cough

And here is some depressing but important new. Modern medicine not only has failed us when it comes to degenerative diseases but it has completely dropped the ball with Cancer. In fact after about 60 years and a trillion dollars we are still cutting, burning and poisoning people with not progression. Add to that the fact that most people that have heavy chemo therapy actually die from the effects of the treatment and not the cancer it starts to make you a little confused and angry. OK, we can’t fix certain conditions with drugs….why not tell people to go try nutritional and lifestyle therapies? why poison them to death??? Now we see an article showing that millions of people have been WRONGLY diagnosed with cancer. How many of these people have been murdered by the medical system that exists to supposedly keep us alive???

Millions Wrongly Treated for ‘Cancer,’ National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms

Want more depressing new? no, well this is important to get your head around. Here is a story from Natural News about the suppression of natural cures for cancer. While there may not be a specific herb that will cure all cancer, there are nutritional and life styles things you can do to reduce your risk of getting as well as surviving a positive diagnoses of cancer (remember to get a second and third opinion before you let any one poison you to death!)

Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC

While we are talking about natural remedies, lets take a look how Garlic can help to naturally help lower blood pressure

Treat and prevent high blood pressure naturally with garlic

OK so we will finish up with three stories below. The first is about dental issues causing health problems around the body, this is not to try to scare you, just make you aware that this is actually a very real issue. After that there is an article about Quinoa. Often Hailed as an amazing gluten free grain, packed full of nutrition and health benefits, this article is a warning to all that if you have strictly cut out gluten from your diet but you are not having the improved benefits you expected, maybe you should look into the so called gluten free grains as well as hidden sources……. and finally we look at a potential new superfood…

The connection between oral pathology and the development of cancer

Quinoa questionable as a gluten free grain

Sacha inchi seeds: A gift from the Amazon