Health News Round Up For 13/01/2014


So here we are in 2014 with another Health News Round Up for 13/01/2014 What will be in the News this year? More remedies, more shocking government strikes against herbs and vitamins? I think so. Our big boss overlords in Europe are looking to get the ridiculously low RDA for vitamins and minerals lowered even more! And why? were there so many deaths and injuries from Vitaimns in 2013 that made them consider this? Of course not. As much as I don’t want to, I become more and more suspicious every day, and that pushes more into the rhealm conspiracey theorist.

There really is no reason to be doing this when you see how many deaths there are, not just from Alcohol, smoking and fast food related strokes and heart attacks, but from pharmacetical drugs! Pain killers, sleeping pills etc. But that is ok because each drug was tested in a double blind, placebo controlled gold standard study….. never mind that people are dying in their thousands from these drugs, as long as they were deemed as ‘safe’ or relatively safe (all drugs are poison) then its ok that thousands of people die….eh? how does that work? No idea. If you want to know, follow the money trail!

Enough of that, here are some news stories going on int he world of health and wellness…. enjoy

Here is an uplifting article on the benefits of wild blueberries.

Here is another one from titled: Know Thyself: For Vitality, Transition To Living Foods.

I love hearbalism and I am always posting articles on my favourites such as Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Rosemary, oregano etc, but here is a herb we don’t seem many articles about : Anise can help protect you from harmful organisms

Just to mix it up a bit I found this article on all about grass fed beef
You don’t get many of these so take a look Grass-Fed Beef Health Benefits: A Meat-Buyer’s Guide

Here’s one from showing us how important it is to get of your sofa and MOVE! I will however add this one caveat… According to Dr Joel Wallach (a living legend in my opinion) Nutrition is of most importance along with cutting back on the bad stuff that can cause damage such as too many refined sugars, Gluten, toxic fats, foods with nitrates and nitrites etc. Top up your tank with the full 90 essential nutrients each and every day and then get moving: Want to save your brain from dementia? Hit the treadmill and pump some weights Breaking Report: HPV Cancers Rising In Spite of Vaccination

And we finish on another dull note really, but an important topic as this showcases the fact that WE MUST start looking after the planet we inhabit. We cannot create toxic products and expect there not to be repercussions.
BPA has been banned in various places around the world, but how much damage has it done? and will it continue to do? New study shows fetal BPA exposure increases risk of prostate cancer