Health New Round Up – 5/11/2013


So Guy Fawkes night is here! WOW! The march of Christmas is upon us. I went for a birthday meal for some one last weekend at a holiday camp and as I walked in I was greeted by a six foot tall Santa!!! In my opinion this is far too early to start Christmas! (1st of November). I like Christmas and I love the build up (most of the time the build up is more exciting than the day itself) but I think there should be a rule that no Christmas decorations should be allowed before December 1st. That way we protect the Christmas spirit and on the 1st of December BOOM! The magic begins! In recent years but the time December 1st rolls around I’m sick of Jingle bells! So what does all this have to do with the Health news round up? Absolutely nothing.

So here we go, my pick of note worthy news and info from the world of health. I have picked through the propaganda and rubbish to show what I find interesting and informative and I hope you do to.

I do try to look at many sources as possible for news and articles but this week I think GreenMedInfo has some great stuff, so it might look like a GreenMedInfo News Review this week! Regardless, the information is good.

Below are links for some real power foods that you can incorporate into your own diet to promote good health! When it comes to food we are not getting any where near the vitamins and more importantly, minerals that we need. Considering these micro nutrients are ESSENTIAL to life and health, it would seem a good idea to consume all the essential nutrients every day and these foods can help.

Micro Greens – Different from Sprouts…. Are they any better though??

Spirulina was heavily tauted as a super food not so long ago, and still is today, although many more sexy exotic berries and algae have jumped on the scene in the last couple of years. Here is a reminder of how important this relatively inexpensive green stuff can be (after you are Fully nourished with the body’s 90 ESSENTIAL nutrients…

More Green Stuff! Chlorella is a great detox food and dense nutrient food. This article suggests it could be important to add to your regimen if you struggle with blood sugar regulation… (assuming you cut out all the sugary food and drinks associated with blood sugar problems)

I’m rethinking the use of Coconut oil. Although every health guru on the net is singing it’s praises (as well as uneducated news bringers such as me) There is a certain legend of a man named Dr Joel Wallach who says coconut oil should be avoided along with olive oil and all seed oils. Doc Wallach suggests they ALL go rancid and cause toxic free radical damage in the body. Articles such as the one on the link below make it very difficult for me to give it up thought…

Here is something that I’m clinging too! More Coffee might equal a longer life… We see allot of these articles going back and fourth… Coffee is good, coffee is bad…I think in this situation you need to sit back and look at the situation from afar, with an little dash of common sense added. Buy the best you can (chemical free), don’t have too much, don’t have it too often, don’t have it too late in the day, and don’t add lots of sugar.
With that said, if if extends life then I’m in for an extra large Americano!

Here is a quick 7 ways to help the body relax and repair without drugs. It might take some people allot of energy and effort to even consider imagining that the allopathic way of medicine (our current medical system) is actually pretty useless at anything out side of emergency medicine and surgery but here is a little taster of what you can do to protect your own health.

Here is a nice little article that more people should read. Far from being a healthy choice, we are finding out more and more that wheat, especially modern wheat, contains some nasty things that seem to destroy the intestinal tract and can then go on to cause a multitude of problems that we never would have connected it too. This article is about the effects of grain on the brain!

So we will finish up here with some more main stream news from Science daily. It seems the message about gluten is finally reaching the mainstream and here is an article suggesting that you don’t have to have an outright ‘allergy’ to grains or gluten for it to be a problem. After about 4o years and god knows how many millions of pounds spent on research, they are finally catching of to Doctor Joel Wallach who has been talking about gluten being the cause of IBS and all manner of other intestinal issues with various names for about 40 years!

Here is another interesting new article about microbes in the gut and the association with Cancer. Don’t get too excited though as they are basically confirming research that has been done before and they will want another BILLION dollars and 40 years to research this theory. Mean while the Cancer specialists will continue to burn, cut and radiate people with cancer for another 50 years…If they can.

So here is the last one..

Although I am becoming more and more depressed with our medical system and the way we are always chasing our tales creating new names for new diseases every day which creates new ‘Specialist’ and new ‘specialist departments’ which require more funding for research while no attention or emphasis is placed on the basics, such as nutrition, I do have to say that this is the kind of thing that we are good at…Surgery! Any one for a new Aortic Valve?? apparently if you do need one, You will be able to do it without open heart surgery pretty soon…. (Put that on your wish list for Santa)