Health Axis News Update 13 August 2013


Hello and welcome to another Health Axis – Health News Update!

Although we will be posting more full articles on the site for your ease, I thought it would be a good idea to drop some links in here for the purpose of playing catch up.

Below are my pick of the best news items from our friends around the internet who do allot of
the hard work reporting the kind of stories you just do not see in the mainstream media!

So without further ado, grab your green tea sit back and check out the best of the rest… Enjoy
From Natural News

Six ways turmeric heals your overburdened body

HA Now I love this spice and have used it personally with great results! This spice should be on everyone’s spice rack without doubt!!! There are allot of uses for Turmeric that are repeatedly posted on many websites and I will continue to post them here because I am a huge fan! If the drug companies had a drug that could do 10% of what Turmeric can do they would be selling it for a fortune!

Scientists working on organic solar cells that collect energy like plants do, via photosynthesis

HA As advanced as we humans (well some humans) are, we often fall very short of understanding the complexity of nature, and just like in modern medicine, we fail to understand or work with nature, always to our demise. This story from Natural News gives hope and shows potential for what might happen if we study and try to work with and mimic nature..

Women who take statin drugs have 83-143% increased risk of breast cancer

HA Well, the title says it all really. In life threatening, emergency situations, drugs and surgery are life savers! when it comes to any chronic disease, it sucks! Imagine if it was reported that a herb could help lower cholesterol levels (which is a debatable positive) BUT this herb increased the chances of breast cancer by 20 to 30%. What would happen? People would be outraged! Government would ban it or at the very minimal advise people NOT to take this herb! The media would be all over it and many ‘I told you so’ and the telly addict, don’t-want-to-think-for-themselves, sheepeople amongst us would be feeling all smug and warm inside. Well, That’s just 20 to 30%. Read this article and ask yourself WHY ARE THESE DRUGS STILL ALLOWED TO BE HANDED OUT LIKE CANDY?

Avocados – Superfood for your health

HA So amongst the bad news i like to throw in some hope in the form of nutrition. Here is another of my favourite foods that is an absolute power house of nutrition! The oval shaped high fat fruit known as the Avocado… Oh, just my opinion here but I would dismiss the information in this otherwise good article about avoiding protein! especially the statement.. “low quality proteins such as beef” !!! Any body builder will tell you that beef is a high quality protein source! well, it can be as long as you eat high quality organic, humanely raised grass fed, grass finished beef.

Moderate and regular physical activity shown better than any drug to lower Alzheimer’s disease risk

HA Here is the kind of news that SHOULD be in the daily papers and on News at Ten but it isn’t. All you here about is how the next new drug that wont cure but might, MIGHT delay Alzheimer’s disease is on it’s way…

CDC tries to rewrite history by burying facts about SV40 cancer viruses in polio vaccines

HA Now there is information out there that most people just will not believe or even want to hear.If you don’t believe that there are some dark powers at work out there in the big wide world then you really need to reconsider. This article on Natural News is one that touches a subject where blatant suppression of information has gone on and it is recorded, for once, in history, blatantly. Still, most people would rather not hear the information!

Now I have rrun out of time for adding commentary (what do you mean GOOD?) but here are some more stories worth looking at. Enjoy

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Study: Millions Treated for Hypothyroidism At Risk for Lung Cancer

Cutting Through The Vitamin C(onfusion)

Milk Thistle May Prevent Photo-Aging And Skin Cancer

Why An Alkaline Approach Can Successfully Treat Cancer

B Vitamins Slow Alzheimer’s and Grey Matter Loss

Science Daily

DHA-Enriched Formula in Infancy Linked to Positive Cognitive Outcomes in Childhood

I hope you enjoyed this information. Please pass on the information to as many people as you can and lets change the way things are!