HAPPY NEW YEAR – 1st January 2014

happy new year

So here we are in the first day of 2014! How did that happen? It is an old saying but a true one that as you get old the years seem to fly by faster and faster. This time of year is full of hope and fresh beginnings, lots of plans and hopes and goals. Unfortunately, by the middle of February most people have forgotten the hopes and plans they had this day and are back in the routine of life. For this reason I like to take January to contemplate. Make long term and short term plans and take stock on a monthly basis. This is the only way you will ever keep on track.

What ever your plans, plan to laugh more. Laughing for me is the most important part of life. My own goals for this year is to laugh more, to get some personal health challenges under control and put behind me. I want to learn more and share more information, updating this blog much more regularly. If you have any ideas or contributions for this site please let me know by emailing [email protected]

Last year i found Dr Joel Wallach. An amazing man who is fighting the good fight in health. At 74 Dr Wallach has been sharing information, selling supplements, travelling the world giving 300+ talks a year and he shows no sign of stopping.
Dr Wallachs books are amazing. I highly recommend the following books. Dead Doctors dont Lie, Rare Earths Forbidden Cures, Let’s play doctor, lets play herbal doctors, and the passport to essential oils. In the Docs own words, these book can help you prevent over 900 different diseases! The doc has many websites, many associated with his company youngevity. So googled his name and check out his websites.

I found Dr Wallach through Dr Peter Glidden (www.fire-your-md-now.com) when he was on the Underground Wellness radio show. Peter Glidden is a 25 year practicing Naturopathic doctor that was a homeopath for many years but has been using Doctor Wallachs supplements for the last 5 years or so. Using the Youngevity products has given Dr Glidden better results than he has ever seen. This simple notion of nourishing the body with ALL ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS (the full 90) with adequate amounts of the right form of
nutrient in the right ratio in highly absorbable forms will see miraculous results. This will be the theme and direction of this blog for 2014. I listen to 25 hours of radios shows a week of people using clinical nutritional supplements, good diet and life style practices to prevent and reverse just about every degenerative disease. It is truly amazing.

I will shortly be announcing the line of Youngevity products being available to people in the UK! They are expensive but they work and they work, work very very well and in a predictable manner with stunning results.

Lets not forget all the free information that Mr Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco

Tony Pantalleresco

hands out via radio shows, show notes and Youtube videos. Tony is an awesome man who dedicates his life to helping people. For all that free information I would ask you to patronise Tony at his shop, you can purchase lots of supplements from Tony, and you can even have a one on one consultation via skype or get a group together and he will give a personal consultation in your home or community centre.
visit Tony’s website www.augmentinforce.50webs.com or on YouTube (www.youtube.com) search herbsplusbeadworks.

So Take a look into the people above they can literally change your life. Have a great year this year and keep coming back and share with your friends.