Dr Nick Gonzalez Talks to Dr Mercola about Curing Cancer.


Welcome to Health-Axis. Trying to keep up to date with the blog I thought I would start sharing some of the amazing people I find around the web. Here is an interview on YouTube where Dr Nick Gonzalez Talks to Dr Mercola about Curing Cancer.

I just re-listened to this video and thought I would post it here to share with people. Over the last five years I have done allot of personal research on cancer, people that have had good success treating caner patients, people that have cured (can I say that? ) or laid dormant their cancer and I have seen, heard, read, watched and listened enough to know that although there is no miracle cure for cancer, there certainly are ways to fight and beat/regress cancer. And if doesn’t involve barbaric, archaic, expensive, (profitable to some) treatments such as chemo and radiation.

There are Doctors, good, intelligent, pioneering doctors out that making head way, but it isn’t easy. As you will hear, research that offers possible answers but are non profitable are often hidden, buried, denied to the public and quite often the pioneering doctors are attacked professionally and publicly.

Do you get enough Iodine in your Diet?

For most people living outside of Asia this is a silly question. We get hardly any iodine in our diet.
Iodine, like ALL 90 essential nutrients is needed daily in our diet or supplement regime.

Iodine kills any single celled pathogens such as bacteria and virus. Iodine is essential for your immune system
for your thyroid, digestions and on and on I could go. Here is a short video from Dr Sircus.

Get your iodine if the message.

If you are in the UK or Europe you can get the best quality Iodine and the cheapest price here http://yourhealthsupplements.co.uk/iodine-nascent-thyroid

So, Do you get enough Iodine in your Diet? If not then start today! And where ever you get it, just make sure
you get it!

HAPPY NEW YEAR – 1st January 2014

happy new year

So here we are in the first day of 2014! How did that happen? It is an old saying but a true one that as you get old the years seem to fly by faster and faster. This time of year is full of hope and fresh beginnings, lots of plans and hopes and goals. Unfortunately, by the middle of February most people have forgotten the hopes and plans they had this day and are back in the routine of life. For this reason I like to take January to contemplate. Make long term and short term plans and take stock on a monthly basis. This is the only way you will ever keep on track.

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WE ARE BACK! And some good things going on in the news! US Monsanto Wheat Ban Across The World!!

Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C

So i’m back blogging! The last couple of months have been MANIC!!! But now I have two minutes to myself again and will be sharing the best news, views and Radio show notes to help educate and spread the word on Real Heal!

And so for my first Health News story I want to share….something GOOD!

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Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score -DIAAS – From show Notes March 9th


Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score -DIAAS –New protein quality method provides important information on sustainable diet

New method confirms the high bioavailability of dairy proteins and their ability to complement other proteins by being a rich source of dietary essential amino acids

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Neurotoxins in Your Chocolate Milk!!!! – Show Notes from week March 9th


Neurotoxins in Your Chocolate Milk!!!!

This is a time when the the public has an opportunity to materially affect how they, the consumers, may protect their own health and that of their offspring for generations to come. In that respect the timer is running down and anyone who consumes milk might want to see what the milk producers have planned.

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Aspartame Detoxification – Radio Show notes for March 9th


These Substances may Detoxify Methanol

Amino Acids-

Cysteine may detoxify Methanol

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) may reduce the toxicity of Methanol in the Brain.

Enzymes–Alcohol Dehydrogenase facilitates the detoxification of Methanol within the Liver (it catalyzes the conversion of Methanol to Formaldehyde).

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Aspartame Toxicity is Misdiagnosed!!!!!!! – Radio Show notes for March 9th


Aspartame Toxicity is Misdiagnosed

Frequently, aspartame toxicity is misdiagnosed as a specific disease. This has yet to be reported in the scientific literature, yet it has been reported countless times to independent organizations and scientists (Mission Possible 1994, Stoddard 1995).  In other cases, it has been reported that chronic aspartame ingestion has triggered or worsened certain chronic illnesses.  Nearly 100% of the time, the patient and physician assume that these worsening conditions are simply a normal progression of the illness.  Sometimes that may be the case, but many times it is chronic aspartame poisoning. According to researchers and physicians studying the adverse effects of aspartame, the following list contains a selection of chronic illnesses which may be caused or worsened by the chronic, long-term ingestion of aspartame. (Mission Possible 1994, Stoddard

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Aspartame–Neotame–DANGERIOUS!!?? Radio Show notes for March 9th


Recent Independent Aspartame Research Results & News

(1998 – 2007)

The results of recent independent research continue the trend of research not funded by the manufacturer finding serious problems with aspartame ingestion. Details about other independent research demonstrating the hazards of aspartame ingestion can be found in the Aspartame FAQs and Aspartame Scientific Abuse web pages.

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Weekly Health News Round up for week Ending 17/02/2013


I’m running a bit late this week and didn’t have too much time for research. I have an on-going problem myself with Uveitis so I have been back to A&E at the eye hospital a couple of times. Work is but (day job) as is life… I did catch a couple of Health news stories last week I thought I would pass on.

I will also be posting Tony’s last couple of radio show notes that he hasn’t had time to get up on the site due to currently moving from one shop to another, over there in Canada. Watch out for those this week because, as usual, Tony has some great topics and new research to share!

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