Photon Dome 2 Advanced Far Infrared therapy that really WORKS!


So i’ve been bad at updating this blog which is usual for me, but I am not sure any one reads it any way so I guess I’m not letting any one down. :)

I have been very busy with a three week trip around Texas, finished off with a three day training on how to use the Tennant bio Modulator. It was a great three days and I learned some amazing stuff. Bio electronics really is the future of healing. I will post on that soon.

today though, I want to introduce a new therapy, and We have the only machine in the UK! The therapy in Far Infrared. Not your average Far Infrared sauna, but a clinical machine that is like a far infrared sauna on steroids!

If you follow the health world you will probably heard of the Far Infrared Sauna (FIR). Unlike most sauna’s, FIR Sauna is a form of light that penetrated the body and this light/energy heats your tissues from deep. Unlike traditional steam sauna’s which heat the air. FIR light gently heats the cells making them vibrate and release toxins. Cells are also able to uptake more nutrients and oxygen. There are many more benefits that I will talk about on another post.

Far Infrared sauna

This is all great and a good FIR Sauna will benefit your health to no end. Many alternative cancer therapy centers around the world use them, Sports people use them and many more people use them for excelarating healing, to speed up detoxifying the body, to improve immune function, skin conditions, and more…. but what if this great technology was concentrated to give even more benefit and superior results? Well it has been created and it is called The Photon dome 2! The Photon machine is now in the UK!


Using patented technology, The Photon dome is now being hosted in Watford at the Centre For Functional Performance (formarly New Spartan Gym).

The Photon dome is getting great feedback for the following issue:
Pain: back, shoulder, hip, knee. People say they feel a “deep heating” of the normally painful area and can often feel a noticeable reduction after the first 45 minute session, with each session improving the situation.
Detoxification: The photon induces sweat at a much lower heat than traditional sauna’s and helps the body release more toxins, especially the fat soluble toxins that the body can struggle to release. People say they feel clean and detoxed after a session.
Anti Stress: A session on the photon requires you to simply lay down and relax. The machine will heat your cells and calm your nerves pushing you into a more parasympathetic state other wise known as the rest and digest state. This allows your body to start the healing process.
Recovery: Because the photon improves circulation, and relaxes the body, improves the immune system and all the other good stuff, it allows the body to recover from training faster and speeds the natural healing process of the body to allow people to noticeably recover faster from an injury. This is of course a huge benefit to the every day individual that has a life to get on with, as well as professional sports athletes that need to get back into the gym ASAP

Photon_dome_II-aberto-22KB (1)

We are really excited about this machine and hope to hear more and more positive feed back. If you are near the Watford area call or email for more information and give it a go!

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