Dr Nick Gonzalez Talks to Dr Mercola about Curing Cancer.


Welcome to Health-Axis. Trying to keep up to date with the blog I thought I would start sharing some of the amazing people I find around the web. Here is an interview on YouTube where Dr Nick Gonzalez Talks to Dr Mercola about Curing Cancer.

I just re-listened to this video and thought I would post it here to share with people. Over the last five years I have done allot of personal research on cancer, people that have had good success treating caner patients, people that have cured (can I say that? ) or laid dormant their cancer and I have seen, heard, read, watched and listened enough to know that although there is no miracle cure for cancer, there certainly are ways to fight and beat/regress cancer. And if doesn’t involve barbaric, archaic, expensive, (profitable to some) treatments such as chemo and radiation.

There are Doctors, good, intelligent, pioneering doctors out that making head way, but it isn’t easy. As you will hear, research that offers possible answers but are non profitable are often hidden, buried, denied to the public and quite often the pioneering doctors are attacked professionally and publicly.