Day 8 one day after detox Monday 22/01/2011

Final Assessment 

OK, so here goes –   The Juice diet was good. I didn’t do quite as much planning as I could have . I got the book a couple of days before i started as I had decided to do a juice diet and then bought the book more for the recipes.  I have been juicing for a while but rather than site down and work out good tasting recipes that are balanced and contain all the vitamins, minerals amino’s and essential fats, i thought I would buy the book instead.  In the book Jason Vale says you must read it from start to finish  before you do the detox.

 I can see why as he tries to prepare you mentally for doing it, constanlty reminding you that YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT and that  YOU WANT TO DO IT. I think this is good but I knew I would not stop or cheat so I skipped to the shopping list and recipes. (I’m a slow reader too so would not have read it in time anyway) 

I thought throughout the week that I would do this different or that different  but didn’t want to deviate from the plan so I stuck to how it was written.  One thing i wanted to add was fibre.  I didn’t use the loo much last week and I constantly thought about what toxins were being drawn from my tissuse/ cells only to site in my colon and then be reabsorbed.  Aparently these can be more toxic when reabsorbed due to the extra oxidisation .

  Many people get clear whites in their eyes after a detox as liver health can often show in the eyes. Mine were very read (unusually red) for days.  I read sunday night on about page 211 of the book that Jason recomends physillium husk be added to one juice per day!!!!   I guess it was my fault for not finishing the book as he had said but i think the husks should be part of the shopping list!  It’s not the end of the world although i highly recommend you take the husks from day one, in fact I would start taking for a good week before hand to give you a head start on the cleanse. 

All in all from the Monday morning I started when the scales said 17st 2lbs I lost 11lbs when the scales said 16stone 5lbs  this morning. Now, the numbers are the numbers but its a little squewed because on the saturday morning pre diet I was 16stone 12lbs then the monday i was 17 stone 2lbs. Thats a 4lbs difference in two days. I had eaten clean that previous week and the weekend I  didn’t eat bad but ate a couple of home made chicken salad  wraps. I seemed to be a bit carb sensitive and a bit of bread makes me hold water. Any way, thats probably too much info. today I felt good. Energetic, good in the gym, possitive happy mood. I also love my coffee but woke up and had a herbal tea. i had a coffee at lunch and it effected me. I wont be having  coffee for a couple of days. 


 Would I recommend Jason Vales 7lbs in 7 days juice diet?  YES. 

 Would I do it again?  YES – but i would modify it  to be a little more weight lifting friendly, adding some BCAA’s and maybe some olive oil  and /or coconut oil / walnut oil to a couple of juices. Not all and not every day but but  if your a hard core weight lifter and worry that you may loose muscle then this could apply and be a good work around. I would definately do at least three days pure juice with no added extras though.  

 With all that said, 7 days of pure fresh fruit and vege juice isn’t going to make you shrink or be too bad so to keep things simple you could  just buy the book and do the programe as written and im sure you will feel some great benifits.

 If you have and questions or comments please feel free to join up and log on.