Day 7 of juice Diet – Final Day!

 So here we are day 7.  I feel good, not hungry and although I juiced allot already before I done this juice diet  I will be making sure I get at least two in per day and the odd juice only day from here on in. 
 It feels good, its healthy and I enjoy it. I will say that I didn’t get to read the whole book by Jason Vale and I finished it today. I found out that he in fact encourages the use of a fibre supplement!!!! which is something I fault was missing from the juice diet and was thinking I would add in future. I didn’t want to add it as i was following this diet, as i thought , to a T.  Never mind.
 It’s been fairly easy and I think ill do something similar in the future and I recommend it to anyone weight training allot and consuming lots of protein. I think a good cleansing few days will do any one the world of good. 
I weigh in tomorrow so i’ll see what effect it has had there bu ti really wanted the energy and clear thinking. I have not used any fibre supplementation so going to the loo has been more or less non existent (without being too graphic) . I think this is important and elimination of the toxins you are pulling from every cell in your body need to be gotten rid of other wise they can be re-absorbed.
 I will finish off this blog tomorrow night.