DAY 1 Juice Diet!

So today was is the first day of the  7lbs in 7 days juice diet. All was going well until about 4pm when I started to get bad headaches  and feel very hungry, but 6pm i was wondering if I should maybe just  do one day juice diet!  I will stick with it though, the first couple of days are the worst and it will get better. It didn’t help that the bloke that sits next to me at work decided to get himself a big back roll at 9.30am  today which he never does and then he was eating lunch, a nice smelling soup and a sandwich but 11.45am! I have not told any one that i’m doing this so his timing was odd and challenging, but there we go, these things are sent to try us and at the end of the day it is only one week! 
 I weighed in at 17st 2lbs this morning. I am doing this detox type diet more for the health benefits of being energized,  improving mental cognitive ability, removing toxins, giving my digestiv tract a break etc but the drop in weight will hopefully be a jumpstart to my overall goal which is to get back in good shape.   
 I can’t help thinking of all the sugar i’m taking in and how little protein I’m getting, but i hope there will be some kind of rebound effect  when i get back on the protein next week. Because  of this my training has changed for this week.
 This morning I done some push ups, hindu squats and  the stepper. Tonight I was going to  do some weights and stepper but i got home from work and fell asleep on the sofa which is not like me, i put it down to the late night last night. I will do some exercise tonight not sure what but ill do something.
 Weight training this week will be just a few low rep sets for each muscle group to give them a little stimulus followed by some cardio  to get the lymphatic system moving.
In Summery
 Start Weight: 17st 2lbs
 Training : hindu squats, push up’s and stepper in the Morning 6.30am – and hour walk at lunch time –  PM – TBA
 Feelings on first day: Headaches, Hunger, and very tired (had late night last night though) and my addiction to coffee was strong at times. Happy with the juices, very nice and full of goodness.