Day 8 one day after detox Monday 22/01/2011

Final Assessment 

OK, so here goes –   The Juice diet was good. I didn’t do quite as much planning as I could have . I got the book a couple of days before i started as I had decided to do a juice diet and then bought the book more for the recipes.  I have been juicing for a while but rather than site down and work out good tasting recipes that are balanced and contain all the vitamins, minerals amino’s and essential fats, i thought I would buy the book instead.  In the book Jason Vale says you must read it from start to finish  before you do the detox.

 I can see why as he tries to prepare you mentally for doing it, constanlty reminding you that YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT and that  YOU WANT TO DO IT. I think this is good but I knew I would not stop or cheat so I skipped to the shopping list and recipes. (I’m a slow reader too so would not have read it in time anyway) 

I thought throughout the week that I would do this different or that different  but didn’t want to deviate from the plan so I stuck to how it was written.  One thing i wanted to add was fibre.  I didn’t use the loo much last week and I constantly thought about what toxins were being drawn from my tissuse/ cells only to site in my colon and then be reabsorbed.  Aparently these can be more toxic when reabsorbed due to the extra oxidisation .

  Many people get clear whites in their eyes after a detox as liver health can often show in the eyes. Mine were very read (unusually red) for days.  I read sunday night on about page 211 of the book that Jason recomends physillium husk be added to one juice per day!!!!   I guess it was my fault for not finishing the book as he had said but i think the husks should be part of the shopping list!  It’s not the end of the world although i highly recommend you take the husks from day one, in fact I would start taking for a good week before hand to give you a head start on the cleanse. 

All in all from the Monday morning I started when the scales said 17st 2lbs I lost 11lbs when the scales said 16stone 5lbs  this morning. Now, the numbers are the numbers but its a little squewed because on the saturday morning pre diet I was 16stone 12lbs then the monday i was 17 stone 2lbs. Thats a 4lbs difference in two days. I had eaten clean that previous week and the weekend I  didn’t eat bad but ate a couple of home made chicken salad  wraps. I seemed to be a bit carb sensitive and a bit of bread makes me hold water. Any way, thats probably too much info. today I felt good. Energetic, good in the gym, possitive happy mood. I also love my coffee but woke up and had a herbal tea. i had a coffee at lunch and it effected me. I wont be having  coffee for a couple of days. 


 Would I recommend Jason Vales 7lbs in 7 days juice diet?  YES. 

 Would I do it again?  YES – but i would modify it  to be a little more weight lifting friendly, adding some BCAA’s and maybe some olive oil  and /or coconut oil / walnut oil to a couple of juices. Not all and not every day but but  if your a hard core weight lifter and worry that you may loose muscle then this could apply and be a good work around. I would definately do at least three days pure juice with no added extras though.  

 With all that said, 7 days of pure fresh fruit and vege juice isn’t going to make you shrink or be too bad so to keep things simple you could  just buy the book and do the programe as written and im sure you will feel some great benifits.

 If you have and questions or comments please feel free to join up and log on.



Day 7 of juice Diet – Final Day!

 So here we are day 7.  I feel good, not hungry and although I juiced allot already before I done this juice diet  I will be making sure I get at least two in per day and the odd juice only day from here on in. 
 It feels good, its healthy and I enjoy it. I will say that I didn’t get to read the whole book by Jason Vale and I finished it today. I found out that he in fact encourages the use of a fibre supplement!!!! which is something I fault was missing from the juice diet and was thinking I would add in future. I didn’t want to add it as i was following this diet, as i thought , to a T.  Never mind.
 It’s been fairly easy and I think ill do something similar in the future and I recommend it to anyone weight training allot and consuming lots of protein. I think a good cleansing few days will do any one the world of good. 
I weigh in tomorrow so i’ll see what effect it has had there bu ti really wanted the energy and clear thinking. I have not used any fibre supplementation so going to the loo has been more or less non existent (without being too graphic) . I think this is important and elimination of the toxins you are pulling from every cell in your body need to be gotten rid of other wise they can be re-absorbed.
 I will finish off this blog tomorrow night.  

Saturday Day 6 of Juice Diet! Jan 22 2011

Well today is the second from last day of the Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 Days Juice diet. 

So far I  have not felt hungry, in the last couple of days i’ve had good energy but less strength and stamina. I have not had the clear thinking side effects of this diet but maybe that will come.  These juices must have flushed my body  clean of toxins (allot if not all) right down to the cells. My liver and digestive tract will have thanked me for this but I have some things that I will change next time I do a juice fast.  

  So far todays probably been t he hardest in terms of  not eating crap as the weekends is where I came away from eating regular ‘clean’ meals. I am definitly ready for some  MEAT! and more Protein but I have planed my meals for next week and will not be over doing it. I will add a final write up on here  Monday as to final thoughts and weight. 

Friday DAy 5 of Juice Diet

Been busy so not been online much.  Wednesday I had some headaches and found myself falling asleep at work. I have had times of feeling very happy, like waves of euphoria but then some real tired times.  Hunger has not been a problem. The gym tonight was good, I felt energized.

  Looking forward to my next shake, then just the weekend to go! Hoping to feel more energized in the next two days.  I still feel that some added aminos would be  benificial and after listening to a Super Human Radio show which featured Dr Rouse im now convinced that is the case. Never the less im sticking to this as written.

Day Two Of The Juice Fast! Tuesday 17th Jan 2011


  So today was better than yesterday, no headaches, still very tired at work and my eyes were shutting, but felt good doing a workout this morning and tonight after work tonight.  I have not really felt hungry today but walking past the chip shop on the way home tonight was hard, i think my sense of smell is now that of a  super hero, I could smell if the full length of the road, And I never even eat chips normally!

 My girlfriend felt bad today and I have a feeling she will be giving it up tomorrow but we shall see. I hope to feel better tomorrow and to continue feeling better and better!

Roll on Tomorrow.



DAY 1 Juice Diet!

So today was is the first day of the  7lbs in 7 days juice diet. All was going well until about 4pm when I started to get bad headaches  and feel very hungry, but 6pm i was wondering if I should maybe just  do one day juice diet!  I will stick with it though, the first couple of days are the worst and it will get better. It didn’t help that the bloke that sits next to me at work decided to get himself a big back roll at 9.30am  today which he never does and then he was eating lunch, a nice smelling soup and a sandwich but 11.45am! I have not told any one that i’m doing this so his timing was odd and challenging, but there we go, these things are sent to try us and at the end of the day it is only one week! 
 I weighed in at 17st 2lbs this morning. I am doing this detox type diet more for the health benefits of being energized,  improving mental cognitive ability, removing toxins, giving my digestiv tract a break etc but the drop in weight will hopefully be a jumpstart to my overall goal which is to get back in good shape.   
 I can’t help thinking of all the sugar i’m taking in and how little protein I’m getting, but i hope there will be some kind of rebound effect  when i get back on the protein next week. Because  of this my training has changed for this week.
 This morning I done some push ups, hindu squats and  the stepper. Tonight I was going to  do some weights and stepper but i got home from work and fell asleep on the sofa which is not like me, i put it down to the late night last night. I will do some exercise tonight not sure what but ill do something.
 Weight training this week will be just a few low rep sets for each muscle group to give them a little stimulus followed by some cardio  to get the lymphatic system moving.
In Summery
 Start Weight: 17st 2lbs
 Training : hindu squats, push up’s and stepper in the Morning 6.30am – and hour walk at lunch time –  PM – TBA
 Feelings on first day: Headaches, Hunger, and very tired (had late night last night though) and my addiction to coffee was strong at times. Happy with the juices, very nice and full of goodness. 

Sunday 16th January 2011 – Day before juice week!

Just realised that I have 2 client lunches this week so not the best week to pick but could happen any week so will not be a 100% juice week for me which is a shame.

It’s funny that as I’m faced with the propect of no solid food, I can think about is what I want for lunch those 2 days! Thinking either chicken or fish with vegetables – just keep it simple but yummy.

I wonder if I’ll still be thinking like that come 1st lunch on wednesday or will I be drooling over the menu!!

Got my stepper and 1kg arm weights ready for my morning 20 minute work out so off to bed early tonight – Night.

Sunday 16th Jan 2011 – The Day Before…..

Well today is the day before. I am looking forward to starting tomorrow, I have had three  juices today and they really do make me feel good, placebo? possibly, or a sugar rush maybe? I made a shurbert lemonade with a whole small lemon and two apples and a while later i was feeling very good.   

  I went to the supermarket to by the stuff and every one was staring at my fully loaded green trolley! I was buying the list for two people as my girlfriend is also trying this severn day juice diet (although she has just told me that she has two lunch meetings this week but I have told her she’s only to have JUICE!) so i bought 70 apples, 5 cucumbers, 2 celerey, 12 lines, spinach, kale, parsley etc etc. 

 I know a bit about diet and nutrition and I am a bit of a weight lifter ( A very little bit recently) and I know the importance of Fats and Proteins so I have had to try very hard not to  modify this juice diet. I wanted to add the odd raw egg, scoop of whey or BCAA’s, some coconut oil, olive oil, walnut oil etc but i decided not to. It is only 7 days and  I want to give a good honest review about the whole  7lbs in 7 days diet and suggested exercise. 

 I Will no doubt experiment some more and improve on this program but for now,  i’m ready to start in the morning, jump on the scales and the juice my self to huge energy and mental clarity!! (apparently) 

Juice Detox – Jan 2011 – 7lbs in 7 Days

Ok so here is my first entry. I have already written this once, and I wrote quite a lot before my Lap top decided to go up the wall and I lost it so I’ll keep this brief.

  I decided to get back in shape this year after letting things go over the last two years. I have been doing allot of studying, and reading and advising and not enough doing!  I am a big believer in protein consumption being a weight lifter for over 16 years on and off and next week I will not be taking in any protein powder, eggs, chicken, fish etc but i’m worried, i’m looking forward to next monday when its the start of 7 days of fresh live fruit and veg juice.

  After reading other blogs, people seem to start feeling great at around day 5. Its only one week so i’m looking forward to giving my body a break digestively, and also i will be super nourished with all the vitamins, minerals and phyto nutrients.  I am not worried about the 7lbs body weight loss,  I am looking forward to the clear thinking, energized feeling that people seem to get. 

 so here goes. I have a long term plan, I have started eating healthy again after the christmas  and i will not be drinking any alcohol until after Feb and then only in moderation and i’ll try to stay away from beer!

 I will be documenting everything here, good and bad. I am using the recipes from Jason Vales loose 7lbs in 7 Days book. I have posted a couple of questions of Jason’s Face book page so i’m off to see if  he has answered.

Feel  free to ask any questions, or to let me know your experiances.