Holiday Time

 Just to let people know, I am away for a trip  to the sun (hopefully)  so the site will not be updated after today until  the 9th at the earliest, possibly the 11th. Feel free to email any questions in that time to the usual [email protected]
 Hopefully Mr Pantalleresco will be updating his blog  while im gone to keep some new content rolling for you to read, and there are lots of articles in the news section for you to go through.  

Site Update


 Just to let you know that I am trying to find some more time to keep this site up to date with the latest news and make it fun as well as informative.  I have finally added the LIVE LONGER section which has links to some very special people. Check it out and then check out the people on there for some great health and longevity information.

 If you have any questions, just email [email protected] or comment on here.


Coming Soon..



Not been putting much up recently as I have been very busy. (I need HELP!!) Any way, Soon I hope to share with people my picks for some Pod Casts and videos that I think are helpful and to hopefully help keep you learning!

I was looking for a component for this but I could not find one (I’m not the best with all this Internet stuff) So What I am going to do is start a new category here in the blog for my pick of Pod Casts and ill list some links with a little about the show so you can download / listen / watch them.

I also hope to soon have the section up for ‘Live Longer’ with some contacts and web sites offering good longevity/anti aging information. The problem is there are lots of sites popping up in the longevity category but allot are not showing much good Useable information and are just there to try to sell a set of products. I will get this section up soon, along with some more information with regards to fat loss and weight training.

In The mean time if you have a subject you would like covered or a question feel free to post a comment or email [email protected]

Talk soon

Shop News


Items Out Of Stock  

 As you may know I have a few select items on this site for sale. (and would not really call it a shop) I contemplated opening a full on health store but Only want to sell quality products that actually are what they say they are. 
 We have sold out of a few products and I will not be making an order for a while unless requested. Please email me at [email protected] and request any of the following if you are interested in buying from me. I do  try to offer discounts from the RRP price and I sell at the lowest price online ( Or what I have found online)  So if your interested in these products please feel free to buy on here
 Out of Stock Items

  • Higher Nature – HCA 450mg
  • Higher Nature – Supergest
  • Higher Nature – Bromelain
  • Higher Nature – Maxi Multi
  • Higher Nature – VisualEyes
  • RainforrestFoods – Organic Spirulina Powder 450g
  • RainforrestFoods – Organic Wheat Grass Capsuals 180x300mg

 If you have any question about the store or any products just send me an email.

Site News – & Ask Questions Here

 Hello to every one that reads this. 
 I hope you are enjoying and finding some useful information on my site.  I have said this before on the site but  keep coming back as more and more information will be added as well as the daily  Health industry news thats added in the module at the top of the page.
 I have LOTS  of ideas for this site but am struggling to get as much information up as fast as I would like as I am doing this on my own.  I will however be getting some help and I have already got my good friend Mr Tony Pantalleresco blogging on here so check out his blog for lots of news and goings on in the world of health and politics!  I have many more ideas and another project that will be linked to this web site that will hopefully get you even more information and access to some of the worlds top experts in fields such as Juicing, Herbalism, Essential oils, Nutrition etc.
 If you have any ideas, questions, or any information you would like to share please email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Welcome to MyBlog!

Welcome to my Blog.