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I  have wasted allot of money buying and trying supplements. Sports improvement, bodybuilding, fat loss supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbs and more. Some work allot don’t. I wanted to find a place that sold ONLY quality products that work. In the end I thought… Ill just create my own shop. So that is what I done. (YHS) sells only tried and tested supplements that promote a healthy body. Although I have tried to make them as cheap as i can, they are not always the cheapest best, as in any industry, you get what you pay for. Saying that, some products are very cheap. When you get a large high street store selling anything, including supplements, the bottom line is how much profit can we squeeze out of this product? Where can we save money in materials and production and how can we maximise profit? What is our ‘Target’ Market? Any one with a few brain cells can see that this is how any business works and it works well in business.  But when we are taking supplements it is not only proffit people should be looking at.

  What I am trying to do is put health first, profit second. That doesn’t make good business sense but I do this in my spare time so profit isn’t the be-all-end-all for me (luckily)

 Firstly supplements shoudl be that – Products to ‘supplement’ your healthy diet not a bandade to help cover up a bad diet and life style.

 Secondly, rather than waste money and potentially harm your health on cheap products, just eat real food from an organic source. Juice, blend, and makes soups from quality vegetables, and meats. Make meat broth and bone broth before  buying loads of supplements and even then, only purchase quality. As mentioned, cheap supplements are a waste of money and potentially detrimental to health.

 So check out the store here, and email me if there is a particular product that you would like but I don’t have. If I see it as a worthy product I will look at procuring it and getting it to you at the best price possible.

 If you are in Canada / US and seek quality products email :

- and Tony Pantalleresco Can Help you.

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