Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes : May 4th 2013

Show of The Month May 4 2013

Topics Covered in this show:
Poland Becomes The 8th EU Nation To Ban Monsanto Maize
Most Nations in the World Have No GMO-Free Platform To Protect Their Citizens
Henry Kissinger- “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf
Why Do Governments Recommend This Toxic Food Today When They Didn’t A Decade Ago
A Primer on Propane for Prepping and Survival
Combine use of pterostilbene and quercetin for the production of cancer treatment medicaments

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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show – Show of The Month April 20th and 27th 2013

Show of The Month April 20th and April 27th 2013

Topics Covered in this show:

Myths & Truths About Soy
Doctors Not Informed of Harmful Effects of Medicines During Sales Visits
Summary of latest data on antibiotic resistance in the European Union
Recipe for Insulin Regulating
Eggs Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer
Eggs’ Antioxidant Properties May Help Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer,

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Oil Pulling: Ancient Secret for Optimal Health


From GreenMedInfo

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian folk remedy first mentioned in the early Ayurvedic text, the Charaka Samhita, which was believed to have been written approximately 1500 years ago.

One oil pulls by simply swishing a tablespoon of oil (sesame, coconut and sunflower are commonly recommended) in one’s mouth for approximately 15-20 minutes on an empty stomach and then spitting it out. [For a "how to" video click here]

The Charaka Samhita describes oil pulling as effective for improving more than just oral health, but also 30 other systemic diseases ranging from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma.

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Tony Pantalleresco – Radio ‘The Remedy’ Show Notes From March 23rd 2013


Sow Of The Month March 23 2013

Synapse on Nutrition

Biodiversity from Polyculture Outperforms Industrial Farming Chemicals

Bitter Melon Juice Prevents Pancreatic Cancer in Mouse Models

Massive Mosquitoes 20x Normal Size Coming to US

Remedies from Store

Voices From the Gulf– Do Not Eat Our Food

Sustainable Fertilizer: Urine And Wood Ash Produce Large Harvest


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Tony Pantalleresco Video! Mixing Grapefruit, Ginger and Onion – Part 1 of 2

This is a potent mix that will jump start your circulatory system, bolster your antioxidant power and here are some other potential actions of this Remedy from Tony himself via his YouTube comments : It will break down blood clots-maintains capillary and blood vessel permeability-anti fungal-anti viral-anti bacterial-will kill parasites-assist with circulation-liver and lung support- cholesterol regulating-chelating of metals-removes toxins-can boost testosterone–can block estrogen


Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes – Show of the Month March 16 2013


Show Topics

Food crisis needed for Europe to accept GM

Walking Away from Back Pain

Human cancer cell antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of Juglans regia L

Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score -DIAAS — New protein quality method provides important information on sustainable diet

Health and Fitness Series–The Weaponization of Sugar, Salt, and Fat

Recipe for High Levels of Several Toxic Metals Found in Children With Autism

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