Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Video – Vinegar and Cyclone Cider (Part’s 1 to 3)

Tony Pantalleresco

Here is a video series from Tony Pantalleresco known as ‘The Remedy’ on his radio show, explains and shows us how to
make healing vinegar’s. Tony also shows how to make the base vinegar from scratch. Tony’s remedies are always built from ingredients that are tried and tested but how is comes up with these actual recipe’s I will never know!

Another unique set of video’s for you to enjoy and join in the making of these vinegar’s to improve your health!

To seem Part 2 and Part 3 click below…

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Tony Pantalleresco – Healing with Turpentine

Hello and welcome to the latest Health Axis Blog. Here is another great video from the Alchemist Tony Pantalleresco
showing us how to use Turpentine to heal!!

Have Tony Finally lost the plot? Of course not! Got get your bottle of turpentine and check out this video that is over 28 minutes long!! All done for free from the ever giving Mr Pantalleresco!

Remember you can check out Tony’s web page at and listen to Tony’s radio show on the Micro Effect 8 to 10pm eastern time. You can also download Tony’s E-Books at


Tony Pantalleresco – Making a Cellular Detox

In this video from Me P, we get shown how to make a cellular Detox. While most detox’s concentrate in ingesting juices and foods, Tony shows us some out-of-box thinking, as usual! and explains how to use essential oils topically to detox the cells…… another video to enjoy. If you would be interested in getting a flash drive Chock-A-Block FULL of information including Tony’s own E-books, videos plus lots more free stuff, then email him or comment on the YouTube Video!

Enjoy the video…

Want to Get In shape? Meet Melissa Ioja

Something a little different…

With so many guru’s offering services and advice for exersise advice, filling pages and pages of magazines and websites, I think its about time to see some one get out there and actually SHOW us what to do to get the body we desire… and if there was ever an example of how to look good naked and work out to look and feel good , Melissa Ioja has exactly what you need………….. Enjoy…

Tony Pantalleresco on YouTube

Hello and welcome to the blog. Here I am sharing one of Tony’s YouTube videos that are getting crazy hits and lots of great feed back at the moment.

In this video Tony shows you how to make your home made ice cream which tastes great and it not only good for you but it is actually a powerful SUPERFOOD!!

Ok , enjoy and don’t forget to check tony’s website

Tony Pantalleresco Video! Mixing Grapefruit, Ginger and Onion – Part 1 of 2

This is a potent mix that will jump start your circulatory system, bolster your antioxidant power and here are some other potential actions of this Remedy from Tony himself via his YouTube comments : It will break down blood clots-maintains capillary and blood vessel permeability-anti fungal-anti viral-anti bacterial-will kill parasites-assist with circulation-liver and lung support- cholesterol regulating-chelating of metals-removes toxins-can boost testosterone–can block estrogen