Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes – Week Ending 25th of August 2013

Script of the Show August 24 2013

Topics covered :

De-Pesticiding anything
Tatoo Dyes—Ingredients

The Liquid Part of Tattoo Ink

Comprehensive List Of Companies That Uses Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavor

Evolution On the Inside Track: How Viruses in Gut Bacteria Change Over Time

Sudden Decline in Testosterone May Cause Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms in Men

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Want to Get In shape? Meet Melissa Ioja

Something a little different…

With so many guru’s offering services and advice for exersise advice, filling pages and pages of magazines and websites, I think its about time to see some one get out there and actually SHOW us what to do to get the body we desire… and if there was ever an example of how to look good naked and work out to look and feel good , Melissa Ioja has exactly what you need………….. Enjoy…

Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Notes : 25th May 2013

Show of The Month May 25 2013

Topics Covered
Nanoparticles and Magnetic Current Used to Damage Cancerous Cells in Mice
Using Gold Nanoparticles to Hit Cancer Where It Hurts
Wound-healing potential of an ethanol extract of Carica papaya (Caricaceae) seeds.
The Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup
Milk –Breast Cancer Remedy
Promotion of hair growth by Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract.
Table Reference Of AntiCancer effects of Milk

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Health Videos – Tony Pantalleresco – A Natural Pain Killing Formula

I will be posting weekly video’s from Tony’s YOUTUBE page (found under herbsplusbeadswork)

Tony is getting some huge hits and lots of good attention over there and his videos are well liked. We are kicking off with With this controversial video in which Tony shows people how to make a natural remedy to help with pain. Controversial, wacky, Genius…. Enjoy. (by the way, This is for entertainment purposes only)

Health Axis News Round Up 29 December 2012

Health Axis

This weeks health news has come thick and fast even over the festive period.

Tony Pantalleresco (The Remedy) is now finding time to post on the blog and kept putting on his radio show on ‘The Micro Effect’ network and Tony has posted show notes to the show that aired live on the 24th of December (Christmas Eve). his dedication knows no bounds!

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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Of the Month November 5 2012


Show Topics Power Blender  Assembly How Silver Turns People Blue Morgellon Bath Ionizing or aerosoling protection Morgellon Stripper ************************************************************************* Power Blender  Assembly Here is an illustration on how to build this—use a mason Jar or any jar where the bottom … Continue reading

Holiday Time

Ok, so this blog has been ticking over with some of Mr Pantalleresco’s  Radio show notes. Not much in the way of regular blogging as there has been soo much going on. BUT …


On the 1st I leave the UK to head off to sunny Las Vegas to get married. I’ m away for three weeks but once I am back , my studies are done so i will be igniting this blog! After a year or so after starting this blog up, MR P have finally found time to sign up and will begin posting here regularly!  I will try to organise  the crazy ramblings of the genius of  the man known as The Remedy, but don’t hold me to that!


Ok , so, i’ll be back in about a month, Tony might pop up in the mean time.


Wish me luck…