Health New Round Up – 5/11/2013


So Guy Fawkes night is here! WOW! The march of Christmas is upon us. I went for a birthday meal for some one last weekend at a holiday camp and as I walked in I was greeted by a six foot tall Santa!!! In my opinion this is far too early to start Christmas! (1st of November). I like Christmas and I love the build up (most of the time the build up is more exciting than the day itself) but I think there should be a rule that no Christmas decorations should be allowed before December 1st. That way we protect the Christmas spirit and on the 1st of December BOOM! The magic begins! In recent years but the time December 1st rolls around I’m sick of Jingle bells! So what does all this have to do with the Health news round up? Absolutely nothing.

So here we go, my pick of note worthy news and info from the world of health. I have picked through the propaganda and rubbish to show what I find interesting and informative and I hope you do to.

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