Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show notes – Show of the Month February 9 2013

Tony Pantalleresco

Show of the Month February 9 2013

The Drug Regulatory Agency Warnings on Psychiatric drugs and violence

Antidepressant Birth Defect Drug Warnings

Antidepressant Studies

Supplements with aloe vera may slash cholesterol levels by over 40%, suggests a new study with lab rats

Eczema in Infants Linked to Gut Bacteria

Caloric Restriction Has a Protective Effect On Chromosomes

Health Canada Approves Bio-K+® as a New and Effective Mean for the Reduction of Clostridium difficile Infections in Hospitals


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Weekly Health News Round up for week Ending 17/02/2013


I’m running a bit late this week and didn’t have too much time for research. I have an on-going problem myself with Uveitis so I have been back to A&E at the eye hospital a couple of times. Work is but (day job) as is life… I did catch a couple of Health news stories last week I thought I would pass on.

I will also be posting Tony’s last couple of radio show notes that he hasn’t had time to get up on the site due to currently moving from one shop to another, over there in Canada. Watch out for those this week because, as usual, Tony has some great topics and new research to share!

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Health News Around The Web for Week Ending 10th Feb 2013


Another week down! Interesting news around the web comes in the form of an article on about a Study that Shows “Reversing Brain Damage” Among NFL Players. This is possibly a big step towards helping to understanding and reversing injuries to the brain.

The natural news has some interesting stories such as one on Creatine and its bennifits beyond helping weight trainers, another article called ‘Death by Doctors revisited’ is well worth a read and there is an article abotu love Vitamin D levels and breast cancer in young women that is also worthy of a few minutes reading. Science Daily had an interesting article that bucks the recent trend and published an article on “No Clear Evidence More Gluten in New Wheat Is Responsible for Increase in Celiac Disease” Which might make some people sit up and take notice as for many people in the ‘health world’ this is assumed as FACT!

Along with all that, I have included some articles from that i liked. Articles from GreenMed that i have added below is : Pineapple’s Amazing Healing Properties Revealed, Xylitol in the News: Reading Beyond the Headlines, 20 Herbs from Tribal Domain for Remedying Acidity and To Save Your Teeth You May Need To Fire Your Periodontist!

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