Health Axis News Round Up 29 December 2012

Health Axis

This weeks health news has come thick and fast even over the festive period.

Tony Pantalleresco (The Remedy) is now finding time to post on the blog and kept putting on his radio show on ‘The Micro Effect’ network and Tony has posted show notes to the show that aired live on the 24th of December (Christmas Eve). his dedication knows no bounds!

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Show Post for December 24-Tobacco Benefits


Recipe to make this work-–You must get Tobacco that has not been sprayed or treated with 4000 chemicals–take 4 parts alcohol 1 part tobacco —add to a blender and blend for  10 minutes then strain—Your next  herb will be a sage extract( do it the same way as tobacco but use sage ) and you will need a instant or ground coffee extract( again as the sage or tobacco)once  you have extracted the 3 then combine them all 1:1:1 ratio blend again for another 10 minutes then strain—pour a portion in a pot( say 2-3 oz) and then simmer it down to almost the bottom of the pot ( about 1/8 of an inch from the bottom)  then stop and allow to cool—then when cooled put in amber bottle and top with either a cap or a dropper—use 1-2 drops several times a day —do not use before bed it may keep you awake due to brain activation

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Health Axis – Enjoy Christmas

So the end of another week is here and a special week for most as Christmas is fast approaching. Alcohol and Crap food will pass the lips of many, family stress will endure most and New Years resolutions will be made!  A fun time of year indeed. What are the most health consious people to do this time of year? Vegans and Vegetarians stress about avoiding inevitable animal ingredients, body builders worry about getting enough protein down their necks and worry about adding  0.2oz of fat to their waistlines and Paleo diet followers will be stamping on bread crumb stuffing all over the world. Damn Gluten. Purists will tell you that this time of year is not for making excuses allowing yourself to gorge and drink yourself silly and this is the perfect time to show resolve and to fight back temptation and prove yourself as an honorable Health Warrior.

My opinion?

Relax. Chil, Chillax, Chill out, calm down, or what ever word your generation or social circles use to mean not to worry and don’t stress. Smile, be happy. Make time to do what makes you happy at some point over the holidays. Sure we all have to entertain some people we don’t particularly enjoy being around, sure we travel to see people we would rather not have to leave our beds for, and of course there is allot of pressure for some people to do things such they don’t want, such as eat crap (although some of us enjoy this part), drink alcohol, stay up late and all that, BUT, Life is as simple as you make it and all you have to do is let yourself be happy and enjoy this festive time.

Vegan? Vgetarian? Teetotal? then you have planned ahead and know what you do and don’t want to eat, what brands of gravy (if you are buying it rather than making it) contain animals bits so you just avoid. Going to someones place for  Christmas dinner that eats meat? offer to relieve them of stress and take your own, its not a problem. Tempted by drink at Christmas but don’t want to join in with people around consuming more alcohol than they should? just don’t drink!! how easy is that? if you are a bodybuilder, a day or two of not worrying about what you eat will be good for you, stressing about it will cause more cortisol and more fat gain and more muscle breakdown!  Been following a Paleo Diet and worry about the effects of Christmas? DON’T!  Christmas dinner is perfect. A nice free range, organic Turkey, Non gluten pigs in blankets and stuffing, all the veg, potatoes (live a little) Butter, and a non Gluten Xmas Pud with lots of  double cream from grass fed cows!! or, forget the pudding and have a bowl of cream!  Want to have a little tipple but not sure what your paleo ancestors would agree with? Aapparently the Norcal Margarita is acceptable. You can get the recipe from

What ever you do, be happy, laugh, relax and enjoy the moment. There are studies that show the state of a person’s mind can affect the use of macro nutrient calories and fat gain from the foods that person is eating. Meaning that if you stress about eating the doughnut you are more likely to store fat that burn fat… So don’t worry if you over eat. Smile and ENJOY!


This is not me saying go drink yourself into coma or eat until you are sick, just know what you are doing, understand the consequences and enjoy the decisions you make. Have a Great Christmas.


Tony Pantallerescio Radio Show of the Month November 23 2012

  • Food Drying—alternative to the alternative to canned or bulky foods
  • The Language of Gratitude
  • Organic Agriculture for Biodiversity and Pest Control
  • Student expelled for refusing spychip
  • EXPERTS DENOUNCE HIGH-SOY DIET OF ILLINOIS PRISONERS*****************************************************************************Food Drying—alternative to the alternative to canned or bulky foods-*****************************************************************************Organic Agriculture for Biodiversity and Pest Control        
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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Of the Month November 16 2012


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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Of the Month November 9 2012


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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Show Of the Month November 5 2012


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Tony Pantalleresco Radio Script of the Show November 2 2012


List ot Topics  Survival Kit-for A Storm Nebulizing—or Aerosoling  Germany proposes crack-down on German food supplements  Chemtrails- The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health  Genetically Engineered Death-Chemtrails- from Above  ************************************************************************ Survival Kit-for A Storm Fire Starting … Continue reading