Gout Remedy’s

Remedies for Gout

As a gout sufferer I can tell you a few things that I have tried ad tested. I have written a short article on this site about gout and in there I have my own recommendations to treat and keep gout at bay naturally, without using toxic, potentially harmful drugs.

WATER – lots and lots of clean as you can get water! keeping yourself well hydrated seems to be a major key with myself for keeping gout away. Any attack I can remember has been in some way related to lack of fluids. When I drop my water intake for just a few days whilst either eating foods I should not or going out socialising (Drinking beer) more than I should, has resulted in an attack. not always a full blown acute attack but the pains in the toe joint begin. Keep fluid levels high to help flush uric acid from your body

FISH OILS – We all know the health benefits from fish oils these days that come from the Omega 3 fatty acids they contain don’t we? brain protecting, heart protecting, artery protecting, etc etc… well what we are after here are their anti inflammatory effects. There is another perspective with regards to the whole fish oil supplementation inndustry, and that is the possibility that fish oils are a little bit ‘over hyped’ and could in fact contain deadly heavy metal toxins. Alternatives to taking fish oils are flax seeds (although some people argue these go rancid pretty fast so if you use flax make sure you go to a high quality distributor) Chia seeds, Walnuts and walnut oil. Don’t forget that organic raised, grass fed cows produce omega 3 fatty acids in their meat and in their milk (Raw). It has been suggested that cows fed their proper diet all year round and left to roam the fields, can product beef that has as much or even HIGHER amounts of omega 3 as salmon!

Vitamin C – Vitamin C has been show in studies to cut the risk of a gout attack in sufferers. As a great anti oxidant ad free radical scavenger, Vitamin C is a supplement most of us need in today’s chemical, toxin filled world. I take 1g to 3g a day as a preventative.

Enzymes – take 2 digestive enzymes with each meal and if you can afford it, take in between each meal too. Enzymes will help the assimilation of proteins which may help to lower the amount of uric acid produces.

Serrapeptase – This is an enzyme made by the silk worm. It is used secreted to digest the hard shell of the cacoon as it hatches. Luckily scientists have created a synthetic version that is best taken in capsule form with an eccentric coat. Serrapeptase will break down lumps or foreign particles in the body that do not have a blood supply. Start by taking 1 capsule 3 times a day. If you can afford it move up to 2 caps and then 3 capsule, 3 times per day. The last attack I felt coming on, I took just 5 serrapeptase on an empty stomach before bed. The next day I was also using other stuff but in the evening i literally ‘felt’ a release in my toe! and the pain was completely gone and I was able to wear the shoes I wanted as I was going out for a birthday meal that night.

Fermented Pineapple/Turmeric/cinnamon/ginger/aloe vera – This is a recipe that I stole from my friend Tony Pantalleresco. He has a video on youtube about fermented Papaya. I changed the papaya for pineapple as it contains the anti inflammatory agent bromelain which is touted as a good help for gout. I chopped up my pineapple, put it in a bowl and covered i with lots of cinnamon and turmeric powder (the next time i added ginger powder too) I life that for about five days and then blended it up with some aloevera juice. I took some most days and a big does the day I was meant to go out (as above) and before it was time to go out, I ‘felt’ my toe get better! literally! a miracle? coincidence? i don’t know but I will be experimenting some more.

Vit C/ NAC Fizz – I like to mix 2g of Vit C, with 2 or 3 g of NAC then add a 1/4 tsp of baking powder and knock this back while its fizzing. This will hit your system ASAP when you have an attack or the start of an attack happening.